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15 March, 2020
Game Minecraft PE
Starting with Minecraft Bedrock, the new game updates are getting more and more interesting, containing long and complex lists of changes and bug fixes. We hope this will become a tradition and the upcoming versions will be as good or even better. Anyway, today we have another beta, which is Minecraft with helpful changes. Let’s see what they are:

New features in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Using custom blocks will not cause game crashes anymore
  • Using a custom recipe add-on that also returned the items to the players used to crash the game sometimes, but not anymore.
  • Being in lava or in water and using a potion of fire resistance or one of water breathing and simultaneously attempting to load a saved game could provoke a crash, but this issue was resolved
  • A bug happening when converting a world on Bedrock and this making chunks overwrite each other was removed
  • Starting with, the maps will also covert at the correct scale
  • The player’s arm animation display has been subject to improvement work
  • The appearance of blocks that have already been destroyed was fixed
  • The effects of the enchanted weapons will now be applied properly
  • The bug that made the changed armor look the same was fixed
  • The sheared sheep are displayed properly now
  • Leaves will not prevent saplings from growing in trees
  • The command block user interface will now correctly fit into screens with a 4:3 ratio
  • Minecraft PE Bee spawn eggs can now be edited in content packs
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the use of custom blocks in add-on packs
  • Fixed a problem regarding add-ons which could lead to the premature operation of the minecraft: timer component under certain conditions
  • Particle animations were fixed

In the list above you can see the most important changes brought by Minecraft Bedrock, but you can find out more information about it by watching the video trailer (see the end of the article).
If the news about MCPE updates makes you happy, do share them with your friends and leave feedback under the articles that interest you most.
Our website, besides the latest game versions, also provides a big number of popular maps, texture packs, and other downloadable MCPE stuff. Enjoy your time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Bedrock [103.32 Mb] (downloads: 1510)

15 March, 2020

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Cody16 March 2020, 01:47
I want to get this beta but I can't download it can you help me
Ethan19 June 2020, 17:15
 Played mine craft my whole life anyone
Would wanna play it 

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