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Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE is the latest game update. We recommend you check it if you want to see an updated vex and how the game developers fixed several bugs.

15 November, 2022

Minecraft PE

Before you discover the features of the newest Minecraft PE beta, there is one more update that you may want to check. It was released last week and it is called Minecraft PE

13 November, 2022

Minecraft PE 1.19.41

This week the Mojang team released one new beta, but before telling you about it, there are other two new ones you probably didn’t try yet. Let us start with MCPE 1.19.41.

13 November, 2022

Minecraft PE

Would you like to see how some of the newly-added features, namely the camel and the chiseled bookshelf work after a series of improvements? If you do, read this article.

4 November, 2022

Minecraft PE 1.19.40

Full Minecraft PE versions are important because they guarantee stabler and smoother gameplay and today you are invited to download the latest one for free.

3 November, 2022

Minecraft PE 1.20

This evening you have the chance to step forward towards a new amazing Bedrock stage by downloading the latest full version called Minecraft PE 1.20.

25 October, 2022

Minecraft PE

We are sure that the latest two game versions will make every Minecraft Bedrock user even fonder of this game thanks to all the new possibilities and changes it has to offer.

24 October, 2022

Minecraft PE

After releasing several minor versions, both beta and full ones, the developers of Mojang decided that it is time for something more spectacular. This is Minecraft Bedrock

16 October, 2022

Minecraft PE 1.19.31

A new update is about to be released according to the usual Mojang Studios schedule, but there is one full version that we didn’t manage to tell you about yet.

14 October, 2022

Minecraft PE

We will dedicate this evening to a beta version that was released recently. The game developers called it MCPE and it brings several important news and bug fixes.

11 October, 2022