Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android

Mojang is constantly improving Minecraft Pocket Edition, that's why the game is being frequently updated. We carefully monitor the releases of new versions of the game and we dedicated a whole section to it. Here you can always download Minecraft latest version, as well as learn about all the new stuff that is waiting for you in it. If you are tired of vanilla and it makes you want to refresh your experience or make your game more engaging, be sure to visit the Minecraft Mods section, where you will find a huge amount of high-quality modifications to the game.

Minecraft PE 1.17.2

Get ready to try the full version with the shortest list of changes in the history of Minecraft PE. Even if Minecraft PE 1.17.2 contains only one feature, it is an important one.

Yesterday, 20:51

Minecraft PE

Dear friends, get ready to explore a series of game updates. We will start with Minecraft PE, a beta bringing five fixes that was released last week.

Yesterday, 17:49

Minecraft PE

The Majong Studios team tries to surprise the MCPE users with new features as often as possible. Today you will get the chance to try something really festive!

14 June, 2021

Minecraft PE 1.17.0

Minecraft PE 1.17 is probably the most long-awaited game update in the game’s history. We congratulate you for being so patient because today you can finally download and try it!

9 June, 2021

Minecraft PE

If you are an Android user, you won’t be able to enjoy this week’s new beta version, but you are still welcome to read this article and find out about its features.

5 June, 2021

Minecraft PE

Summer is only several days ago, so the MCPE developers managed to release a very good game beta that will most probably be the last one of this year’s spring.

28 May, 2021

Minecraft PE 1.16.221

Usually, the MCPE developers release one version per week, but because several bugs were detected immediately after the last beta, they could not postpone them so they developed MCPE 1.16.221

25 April, 2021

Minecraft 1.14.60

Dear subscribers and guests, we are proudly presenting you the release of a stable full version of our most favorite game: Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.60!

17 April, 2020

Minecraft 1.15

Halloween is getting nearer and to offer you a thematic surprise, the MCPE developers published the main features of the upcoming Nether Update! Find out more about Minecraft 1.15 in our article.

20 October, 2019

Minecraft PE

Minecraft Bedrock is a brand new beta version that contains a big number of important bugfixes. We invite you to explore them all by reading this article.

21 May, 2021