Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android

Mojang is constantly improving Minecraft Pocket Edition, that's why the game is being frequently updated. We carefully monitor the releases of new versions of the game and we dedicated a whole section to it. Here you can always download Minecraft latest version, as well as learn about all the new stuff that is waiting for you in it. If you are tired of vanilla and it makes you want to refresh your experience or make your game more engaging, be sure to visit the Minecraft Mods section, where you will find a huge amount of high-quality modifications to the game.

Minecraft PE 1.13 & 1.13.1

Minecraft PE 1.13 update is already available for download on Android devices. Foxes have been added to MCPE 1.13.0!

Today, 04:05

Minecraft Earth

If you are a really devoted Minecraft PE player and don’t want to part with the game even when you walk your dog or spend time in the park, Minecraft Earth is here to enter your real world!

8 October, 2019

Minecraft PE

Mojang published an update for Minecraft PE on Android which you can download right now. There are several interesting changes in this update.

31 October, 2019

Download Minecraft PE

Want to download Minecraft PE which added foxes, dead corals, new flowers, villagers, mobs and much more? On this page you can download Minecraft for android!

29 October, 2019

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE - updates that surprise. Minecraft PE 1.14 developers have released an update in which they made several changes. Download Minecraft Pocket Edition ...

23 October, 2019

Minecraft 1.2 & 1.2.10

If you want to use Banner, Coarse Dirt, Jukebox, Stained Glass, Structure Block, get acquainted with parrots, then you need to download Minecraft 1.2.10 for Android! In this article we will talk about all the features of Minecraft PE 1.2.10.

23 October, 2019

Minecraft 1.1.5 & 1.1

Do you want to download Minecraft 1.1.5 on android? On this website you will download the MCPE 1.1.5 update for android for free. Minecraft 1.1.5 has been added to the game: blocks, items, mobs and animals.

23 October, 2019

Minecraft 1.1 & 1.1.0

Minecraft 1.1 has a lot of cool blocks, objects, and animals. You can download the Minecraft PE 1.1.0 update on our website for free! This is the coolest game update in recent times.

23 October, 2019

Minecraft PE

If you are an active participant in the Minecraft PE 1.14.0 beta testing, then we recommend downloading the MCPE update. In this update, important bugs were fixed that hid the potential of the bees. Now the bees have new features!

15 October, 2019

Minecraft PE

Finally, bees have been added to Minecraft PE (The Honey Update). Already now you can download the game Minecraft 1.14.0 with bees. You can do apiary and other farming especially!

9 October, 2019