Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Not so many players in Minecraft PE has enough imagination and experience to build something extraordinary. In this case the Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition section will help you. Here our MCPE Survival team searches and selects for you all the freshest and high-quality maps for Minecraft PE. For your convenience, we have distributed all the maps into several categories, and now you can effortlessly find the map that exactly suits your needs. Regularly visit our website and download new MСPE maps.

Map Small Prisons 1.13

We hope you are tough enough to survive in a prison environment, at least in your Minecraft PE world, because this is what you are going to do in Map Small Prisons.

2 April, 2020


Five nights at Freddy’s 1 and 2 are among the most popular horror maps for MCPE and today we are presenting a very cool mini-game based on the initial plot called Map HIDE AND SEEK (FNAF 2).

5 March, 2020

Map FNaF 2 BETA 2 1.13

Spend five nights in a frightening atmosphere as a creepy pizzeria’ security guard surrounded by haunted animatronics with Map FNaF 2 BETA 2.

5 December, 2019

Half a Heart [Minigame] Map

This is an extreme parkour map since the player will have only half the heart of lives during the passage of this parkour map!

1 November, 2019

SiderFlat Survival Map

We suggest you go through a hardcore survival map for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This is a fairly complex map for survival. The player will have a limited supply of resources.

26 October, 2019

Plot PvP Prison Map

If you want to play on pvp map with your friends, then we suggest you use this map. An excellent arena for battles is built on this map.

20 October, 2019

Fantasy Islands (Theme Park) Map

If you want to have fun in the world of Minecraft PE, then you definitely need to use this map. Several amusement parks are built on this map, each of which is different in its theme!

14 October, 2019

Skyblock Map

If you like difficult trials, then you will like this map. A difficult test has been prepared for you in which you need to survive high in the sky!

8 October, 2019

Polynesian Island Map

On this map you will have a good opportunity to explore a custom island that looks great. This is probably one of the best islands I've ever seen!

6 October, 2019