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Map Dark Sewer 1.16

6 October, 2020
Minecraft PE Maps
At our subscribers’ request, we published several articles on the most popular horror maps and today we will add one more to our collection. Map Dark Sewer will please all the players whose favorite game genre is horror.

Features of map Dark Sewer

Before getting to the game’s plot, let us reveal several rules concerning the present map:
  1. You should install Minecraft PE 1.16 or any of the other later game versions
  2. For a better experience, you should turn on the sound to 100% and your screen brightness to at least 70%
  3. You should play either in Adventure Game Mode or in Survival Game mode. If you choose to play in Survival, do not break blocks.
  4. For a more interesting experience, play alone

And now, let’s see what this game is аbout: your player is trapped in an underground sewer and your task is to get out. While wandering around the map looking for a way out, you should find hidden barrels but we must warn you that they are not easy to find.
If this sounds too easy for you, don’t worry. All around the map, there are a lot of hostile mobs called demagorgons and hostile cods.

Are you ready to go through such a crazy experience? If you are, hit the download button, share the article with your friends, and leave feedback.
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Map Dark Sewer

Map Dark Sewer [3.82 Mb] (downloads: 44)

6 October, 2020
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