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Minecraft 1.16.0

18 March, 2020
Game Minecraft PE
We are periodically mentioning a non-yet-released Nether Update in our articles, and we bet you were curious about it, even if we have provided enough information on it. Well, today is the day when we will find out everything about it, and moreover, we will be able to download and try it!
Besides the new features, Minecraft 1.16.0 also brings a lot list of fixes, some of them being doubled from Minecraft and Minecraft, but let’s take one thing at a time and start with the most important changes: changes we are wondering about since last autumn.

New features in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.0

The most important features in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.0 are in relation to the mysterious Nether. Here you will discover an incredible amount of unknown plants, ground blocks and mobs growing and living in three new Nether biomes.

New Nether Biomes

  • We will start with the description of the scariest biome, that is the Soulsand Valley. Everything about this biome is unusual and very scary. A sinister blue glow covers an open space, where the ground is covered in soul sand and in soul soil. The only vertical things here are the basalt blocks connecting the ground with the sky, and of course the hostile Wither Skeletons. In addition to the blue glow, the air is rich in falling ashes, which brings to the biome an optional terrifying effect.
  • The Crimson Woods is another new biome. It is less sinister than the first one, but there are many fascinating things in it too. This place is very rich in vegetation: specific fungi, weeping vines, and nylium enlightened by shroomlights, which is a newly introduced natural source of light. These woods are haunted by two new kinds of mobs (we will talk about them after describing all the biomes)
  • The third biome you are going to discover here is the Warped Woods. Comparing to the first two ones, this one is more peaceful. No mobs live here, but since this is a forest, it is rich in vegetation, just like the Crimson Woods. Here you will also find fungi and nilyum but they are different from the ones found in the Crimson. Wart is also growing here, but the player can get rid of with a hoe. The air in these woods is heavy because of the spores flying chaotically.

New Nether Mobs

  • The Hoglins are the least aggressive mobs from the newly introduced ones, but this does not mean they are not dangerous to the players. It just means that it is easier to scare them off by offering them some fungi from the Warped Woods. They actually like fungi, but the one growing in the Crimson Woods and you can even use it to breed these forest monsters, but we must warn you that the success rate is not as high as we would like it to be. The baby Hoglins are making a lot of noise and try to attack players too, but don’t worry: they are absolutely inoffensive.

  • The Piglins are tougher. They attack not only the hoglins, but also the Wither Skeletons and of course the players. You are at risk only by entering the forest, but also in case you decide to mine for gold blocks or to open chests in front of these creatures. This fact can be explained by their love towards gold. If you have any gold ingots, you can use them to trade with the piglins. In return you will get goods that will be helpful to you in the Nether. Upon death, the piglins get zombified and these zombie piglins are even more devilish than they were in their initial state.

New Nether Blocks and Materials

  • The target block is craftable and is meant to be of a big importance but for now it works only in Experimental mode.
  • The Netherite is a unique material, much better than the diamond. You can use it to craft tools, armor, weapons and they will be more long-lasting and better-looking than the diamond ones.
  • Different stems, all of them being resistant to fire
  • Basalt blocks from which the Soulsand Valley pillars are formed
  • Soil Sand that can be used to create torches and lanterns and to summon Wither
  • Different nylium covering the grounds of the newly introduced woods
  • Sprouts
  • Wart blocks
  • Weeping vines that grow like roots from the block bottoms (usually the blocks from the top of the Crimson caves). They are very handy to climb on.
  • Shroomlights that we already mentioned in the description of the Crimson Woods
  • Roots

This is more or less everything about the Nether, but at the beginning of the article, we also mentioned the carried out changes and fixes.

New changes and fixes

Like we already told you, some of the changes and fixes you will find in this version were actually brought by the previous two betas. The rest of them are fixes made in relation to several crashes and bugs occurring in different in-game circumstances. The developers also introduced several changes in relation to some mobs and their behavior, slightly modified the despawn rules. The controls were worked on too, so the players can use them more easily and comfortably. A lot of attention has been paid to the villages, villagers, and everything related to this. The UI, game graphics, game sounds, and blocks were also worked on.

As you can easily understand by reading the description above and by watching the video trailer below, Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.0 is a game beta definitely worth trying, so hurry and hit the download button, share the news with all your friends and leave feedback.
Make sure to visit our website on a regular basis to always be up to date with the latest game versions and to have access to the most popular downloads for free. Have fun!

Video Trailer of MCPE 1.16.0

Full version of Minecraft 1.16.0

Minecraft [99.29 Mb] (downloads: 10553)

18 March, 2020

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Cody20 March 2020, 18:49
Why isn't there any hoglins in the game?

Thank you so much, this update is amazing, keep up the good work!
gary12 August 2020, 15:17
this is for pc or andoid
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