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8 March, 2020
Game Minecraft PE
We are all done with exploring Minecraft and ready for a new game update: Minecraft What pleased us about it is that it brought not only necessary bug fixes but also several changes to make our gameplay more interesting.
This beta is going to replace your work in progress as soon as you install and launch it, so, if you want to keep your builds, you would better make copies. Another thing that we have to warn you about is that the worlds created in Minecraft cannot be accessed using older game versions, so better make copies in this case too, just to stay on the safe side. Unfortunately, while using the beta, you will have no access to Realms and other players who use full versions, but anyway we consider that Minecraft is interesting and worth trying.

Whats new in Minecraft Bedrock

Many things are changing with the release of the present beta, but of course, the most important one is that the crashes and bugs that previously prevented us from having a nice gameplay were removed. The bugs and crashes were happening in the following situations:
  • During gameplay
  • When enchanting fishing rods
  • When scrolling through the ratings in the Marketplace
  • When trying to craft multiple honey blocks
  • When hostile mobs seek and jump on turtle eggs

As we already mentioned, this version also brings a lot of in-game changes, some of them affecting:
  • The blocks when being pushed by pistons
  • The kelp growth progress after being broken by a piston
  • The breaking abilities of blue weather skulls
  • The fireball attacks of the Ender dragon
  • Hopper mine carts drops
  • Cured Zombie villagers’ trades and professions
  • Villagers having useless occupations like aimlessly trading carrots with other villagers
  • Creepers in boats
  • Wolves requiring healing.

If you want to try Minecraft Bedrock, use the button below to download it. Share the news with your friends and leave feedback. We would really appreciate your gesture.
If you want/need to try other earlier game versions, visit our website. Here you will also find a lot of interesting maps, stunning texture packs and many other articles on your favorite game, all of them coming with free download buttons. Have a good time!

Video of MCPE

Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Bedrock [102.67 Mb] (downloads: 2878)

8 March, 2020

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Yuwaan Bhatia
Yuwaan Bhatia15 March 2020, 07:55
When is the mouse lock feature coming huh??????
Abdulqadiralzailani22 June 2020, 03:40
play build 

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