Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Minecraft Pocket Edition developers have made the world around us unique, because new territories are randomly generated. In order to know in advance where you will appear after the generation of the world, the creators of Minecraft PE invented seeds. Seed is a set of characters that determines the order of generation of a new map. Our MCPE Survival team studies a huge flow of seeds everyday, and in the end, for your convenience, we choose the best of them to publish in the Seeds for Minecraft PE section.

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Mesa Biome and Ice Spikes At Spawn Seed

This seed is suitable for those players who like to explore new areas, as well as for players who like to search for treasures! This is a great seed with the help of which you can study the biome of ice spikes and find gold!

30 October, 2019

Spawn Near a Woodland Mansion Seed

Another exclusive seed for you. With this key, you will generate the world in such a way that there will be a wooden mansion and an outpost near the spawn.

16 October, 2019

Ocean Ruins on Land Near Spawn Seed

If you want to explore the seabed, then you need to use this key to generate the Minecraft PE world. In this seed you will explore the bottom of the ocean, as well as marine structures.

2 October, 2019

Ice Spikes and Igloo at Spawn Seed

Interesting enough seed that will spawn you in a snow biome. Not far from spawn there will be some interesting generations that you can explore!

24 September, 2019

Bamboo Jungle, Ice Spike Seed

A great seed that will allow you to explore several useful territories at once. We will tell you in detail how to get to the main locations of this seed. The jungle, ice spikes and flower biome are all nearby!

28 August, 2019

3 Villages and a Large Variety of Biomes Seed

Use this key generation in order to be in one of the best locations in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition. In one hour of travel around the world MCPE you will explore many interesting locations!

6 August, 2019