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Map Pada's Laboratory 1.17

30 December, 2021
Minecraft PE Maps
Our Maps section contains a lot of mini-games. Some of them can be played together with friends. We are sure that you want to be a winner every time, but this is not easy if you don’t have enough experience and skills. Map Pada's Laboratory provides several training spaces where you can improve your abilities, for example, parkouring or shooting targets.

How does map Pada's Laboratory work

This map brings several training modes to choose from. These are:
  • The Enderpearl Clutch Training Mode
    Map Pada's Laboratory 1.17

  • The PvP Training Mode

  • The Bridging Speed Training Mode

  • The Block Extension Training Mode

  • The Block Parkour Training Mode

  • The Treasure Breaking Training Mode

  • The Bow Aim Training Mode

Dear player, we are sure that each of these modes will help you become better at mini-games. This is not only useful but also fun!
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Map Pada's Laboratory

Map Pada's Laboratory [7.57 Mb] (downloads: 61)

30 December, 2021

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