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Minecraft PE 1.18

3 August, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
Remember the release of Minecraft PE 1.17? We were all so amazed by the multitude and greatness of its features but now, when the excitement diminished and we managed to explore all or a big part of them, we are ready to learn about the update’s second part which is called Minecraft PE 1.18. This long-awaited full version was released yesterday and we are very happy if you found out about this from us. This way you won't have to learn about the surprises it brought from your friends. On the contrary, you can become that friend that is up to date with all the news and keeps all the people around informed.

Whats new in Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.0

If you are reading the articles published on our website regularly, you probably noticed that the MCPE developers started adding 1.18 features in the recently-released betas, for example, the spaghetti and cheese caves from Minecraft PE Happily, all of them are already stable parts of our gaming worlds and we can enjoy them freely, even without enabling the experimental features toggle.
Let’s start from the most important changes:

Totally different gaming World Generation

Prepare to admire and explore a much higher and deeper gaming world. Because the developers worked so much on making the mountains and caves so fascinating and because they added so many features in them, they had to expand the world borders too.
Thanks to the first part of the update, the Mountains are way more interesting to investigate but now they are even better. There have five new sub-biomes, each of them being individual in its beauty and having very interesting characteristics. Generally, there is a lot of ice, regular and powdered snow, and a big number of spruce trees. As we already know, mobs and players act in funny ways when traveling through the mountains, especially when walking on powder snow but there are two mobs that spawn here. These are the rabbits and the goats. By the way, goats start dropping their horns when killed. Starting now, exploring the mountains will be not only fun but also very useful because you will be able to mine for more ores. The most valuable ones are the coal, emerald, and iron ones.
Minecraft PE 1.18

The Caves are subject even to more updates than the mountains. The developers decided to add a crazy number of exciting caves and cave biomes including spaghetti, cheese, dripstone, noise, noodle, and lush caves, but the most exciting new cave is actually a grand new kind of biome and it is called The Deepest Depths of the World. Naturally, this will be the most fascinating place to admire, but also the most dangerous one. It will contain a lot of deepslate, skulk sensors that you are already familiar with, chests with loot, candles, and much more. Of course that the cave features introduced in the Caves and Cliffs update Part I will remain there, but their generation and number was greatly modified and improved.


We mentioned above that the Deepest Depths of the World is the most dangerous cave biome to visit. This is because this is the place where a new mob is spawns. This mob is called the Warden. This monster is gigantic. Even the Iron Golem and Enderman can’t compare to it. Even if the Warden is blind, it will be very difficult to protect yourself from its attacks because it is very sensitive towards all the movements. It can even sense the movements of invisible players. The only way you can fool the new hostile mob is to sneak when it is around. The Warden always wears a chest and this chest is simply amazing. It offers its owner great protection and it has very cool animations.

Other new features

  • Bundles that can be used to store items and even entire stacks of items
  • Skulk blocks, chute, traps, and veins
  • Different aquifers
  • Formations of ores looking like snakes or veins generating in caves
  • Pools with clay generating in caves
  • Fossils
  • Azalea logs
  • Cabins generating underground. There you may found a lot of interesting and useful stuff, for example, chests, candles, etc.

For more detailed information about the second part of the most awaited game update, watch the video trailer below.
There are several weeks until Christmas, but if you want to start making your friends happy now by offering gifts and good news, we are sure you can do this by sharing this article with them. We would also appreciate it if you could leave feedback letting us know what you think about all the new features and about what would you modify, add, or remove.
Continue following us and we will keep you informed about all the game-related news. We will also offer you the opportunity to try many free mods, texture packs, and other surprises that you can also share with other players. Have a good time!

Clip Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock 1.18

Minecraft PE 1.18.0

Minecraft PE [131.84 Mb] (downloads: 685)

3 August, 2021
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