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Minecraft PE

13 November, 2022
Game Minecraft PE
Last week Mojang Studios released Minecraft PE 1.19.41 and Minecraft PE Since you already learned about the first update if you visited our website today, it is time to find out about the second which is a beta.

Features and Bug Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

The game developers continue improving the experimental features and they:
  • Changed the name of the newly-added transport, namely the raft with a chest made of bamboo wood
  • Developed a correct prompt appearing when the player dismounts the raft
  • Improved the button display showing when installing hanging signs
  • Improved the way mobs pathfind near hanging signs that are attached to block sides
  • Canceled the possibility to ride camels in water
  • Improved the camels’ sitting animation during world load
  • Made camels able to climb blocks
  • Canceled the possibility to attach hanging signs to bamboo saplings
  • Made bamboo saplings break when interacting with pistons
  • Made bamboo mosaic slabs drop correct items

Minecraft PE

Besides this, the developers of the game fixed several serious problems affecting:
  • Command /execute as
  • Sounds playing when using hanging signs
  • Boat teleportation when interacting with a piston
  • Book and Quill
  • Realms
  • Game’s stability and performance
  • Buttons in the New Touch Control Schemes
  • Pocket UI inventory screen
  • Camera movement on Xbox
  • Spectator Mode
  • Technical

Before you hit the download button and start exploring all the new changes, we recommend you watch the video below because this way you can learn more detailed information about the update.
Follow us and very soon you will learn about the freshest beta. In addition, you can explore our collections of cool maps, mods, and other content and you can share them with other players. Have a good time!

Video of MCPE

13 November, 2022

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Kitty2 December 2022, 21:37
Nice game...
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