Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android

Mojang is constantly improving Minecraft Pocket Edition, that's why the game is being frequently updated. We carefully monitor the releases of new versions of the game and we dedicated a whole section to it. Here you can always download Minecraft latest version, as well as learn about all the new stuff that is waiting for you in it. If you are tired of vanilla and it makes you want to refresh your experience or make your game more engaging, be sure to visit the Minecraft Mods section, where you will find a huge amount of high-quality modifications to the game.

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Minecraft PE 1.18.12

Aren’t you lucky that you can be among the first to try a very fresh full game version called Minecraft PE 1.18.12? The update was released only yesterday and it contains six fixes.

18 February, 2022

Minecraft PE

Last week was a very fruitful one for the Mojang Studios team We already told you about the developed full version, and now we want to inform you about a new beta.

14 February, 2022

Minecraft PE 1.18.10

After so many betas containing useful changes and bug fixes, the game developers are finally ready to present a nice and stable full version called Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.10.

12 February, 2022

Minecraft PE

There are only several hours until this school/work week ends and you will have enough time to spend as you like. We invite you to spend some of it by exploring a brand new beta!

4 February, 2022

Minecraft PE

The Mojang team developed and released a new game beta where they have fixed many bugs, re-designed the Create New World screen, and improved the experimental features.

28 January, 2022

Minecraft PE

This week we have a new beta version to explore. Even if it does not bring any new features and no major changes, the carried-out fixes are very useful.

22 January, 2022

Minecraft PE

Shortly after releasing the previous beta, the Mojang team prepared another new one for us to try and explore. They named it Minecraft PE

13 January, 2022

Minecraft PE

By exploring Minecraft PE, which is the first version released this year, we must admit that the Mojang team started with the right foot. Read the article to find out why.

11 January, 2022

Minecraft PE

Have you ever wondered why there are no frogs in MCPE? Because they were waiting for the release of Minecraft PE! Install it to meet these cute little creatures!

18 December, 2021

Minecraft PE

A couple of hours ago we mentioned that we have two new versions to try this week and since we already informed you about the first, it is time to find out what the second one has to offer.

11 December, 2021