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Minecraft PE

4 February, 2022
Game Minecraft PE
Since the release of Minecraft Bedrock, the MCPE users can enable a new experimental features toggle called (Wild Update). This toggle includes goat horns, skulk blocks, frogs, and tadpoles. In almost all the following game versions, the developers of the Mojang Studios team made changes and updated these features and they continue doing this. This week they have released Minecraft Bedrock and by exploring it, you will discover more changes affecting the above-mentioned features.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

This beta includes many changes, but first, we will tell you about the experimental ones. So you will discover that goat horns:
  • Have cooldown periods after being used

You will also notice that frogs:
  • Use the jumping animation only in case they have a jump goal
  • Can jump on small blocks if you use the JumpToBlockGoal
  • Can be tempted with slime balls
  • Can be bred with slime balls
  • Have a different weight and head size (the ones that live in swamps)
  • The little ones were subject to modifications too, namely their health. Now it is of six.

Minecraft PE

The game developers also made some updates to improve the frog spawns that we knew about as Frog Eggs (until the release of Minecraft Bedrock From now on, the frog spawn:
  • Can be destroyed if you remove the source of water from beneath it and if blocks fall on it
  • Breaks if pushed by piston
  • Hatches normally if there is a block underneath it
  • Can be positioned on any waterlogged blocks
  • Cannot be positioned on ground with command /fill
  • Cannot be positioned under the water with command /fill

This is everything we had to tell you about the Wild Update experimental features, but not everything about the whole beta. The game developers also managed to:
  • Give the users the possibility to equip a custom armor when they are already wearing another one by clicking on button “Use”
  • Make the dripstones fill from dripstones that are located under the water
  • Made the screen of the Create New World option persist after re-entering the game
  • Fixed a bug affecting the labels located above crafting grids on certain devices
  • Decided that the drowned should not spawn when block light level is more than 0
  • Resolved a problem preventing the Mending Enchantment from repairing properly
  • Made custom skins save properly after the player exits the dressing room
  • Carried out very many technical updates in order to make the work of the content creators more productive.

Dear friends, we were glad that we could inform you about this release and you could find out about it from us. Keep following our website and we promise to inform you about all the upcoming game versions as soon as they appear. Here you will also discover many other interesting game-related articles and each of them contains a free download button. If you want to, you can share the ones you like with your friends and leave feedback. Have a good time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [141.5 Mb] (downloads: 14)

4 February, 2022
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