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Minecraft PE 1.18.10

12 February, 2022
Game Minecraft PE
We have been waiting for a full version for a long time. All this time the Mojang team released many beta versions that brought us cool new experimental features, very important fixes, and much more. In Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.10 they gathered them all so that the players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Main changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.10

If you are subscribed to our website, we notified you about all the game versions released recently and if you are reading our articles regularly, you probably already know about all this update’s features, because they were gathered from all the previous betas. This is why we will describe only the most important ones.

Wild Update Experimental Features

  • The Frogs and the Tadpoles. We can enjoy the presence of these pretty mobs since the release of Minecraft Bedrock They can jump, make specific sounds, and love eating seagrass and small slimes. The little ones are more fragile than the adults and cannot survive for a long time when on earth. Players can use buckets to pick them up just like they would do with fish.
    Minecraft PE 1.18.10

  • Froglight blocks. When a frog is lured near a magma cube and made to eat it, it can drop a froglight. This type of block emits light. Depending on the frog’s biome, it can drop a pearlescent froglight, an ochre froglight, or a verdant froglight.
  • Skulk. This was the first feature that we could all enjoy since the development of the Wild Update toggle. This happened with the release of Minecraft Bedrock

Vanilla Parity

The developers of the Mojang Studios do their best to make as many such changes as possible so that the Minecraft Bedrock users can have a similar gaming experience as those who are using the Java edition to play. They have made modifications in relation to:
  • The raid boss and the villagers’ reactions in case of victories
  • The Globe Banner Pattern
  • The villagers’ reactions when trading is not possible for certain reasons
  • The Bad Omen applied on players by Pillager Captains
  • Iron Golems and their cracks when their health has to suffer damage
  • The methods used to heal Iron Golems
  • The way Iron Golems attack players in certain situations

  • The Glow Lichen’s level of brightness
  • The way foxes aim while pouncing
  • The trading tables for different mobs who can trade
  • The frequency of the decoration blocks in different biomes
  • The redstone signals emitted by certain music discs
  • The textures and colors of multiple vanilla items, blocks, etc

Bug Fixes

All the betas released in the last couple of months brought absolutely incredible number of fixes. The most important ones have been done in relation to the problems affecting:
  • The game’s stability ( multiple crashes, lags, etc.)
  • Certain enchantments that did not work as required
  • The places where some geode features appear
  • The pillager outposts and the total amount of pillagers /iron golems they are spawning
  • The generation of large and pointed dripstones, corals, lava pools, monster spawners, chests, copper ores, etc
  • Fauna generating in certain biomes
  • Deepslate layers and the way they replace the bedrock ones
  • Ruined portals that generate under certain biomes
  • The conditions under which cats and other animals are leashed
  • The way mobs spawn depending on biomes
  • The animations of axolotls
  • The behavior of slimes
  • The animations of falling blocks
  • The way copper ores oxidize under different circumstances
  • The way structure blocks spawn entities
  • The way to adjust the light intensity of light blocks
  • The way furnaces work
  • The effects applied by different consumed foods
  • Screen reader-related bugs
  • User interface-related bugs
  • Technical bugs

All these and other features can be explored by installing the new full version. Please share this article with other players so they can check it too, and leave feedback if you want to tell us what you think about the update.
Follow us if you want to keep up to date with the freshest news happening in MCPE. We will also inform you about the most popular maps and other cool surprises. Have a good time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.10

Minecraft PE 1.18.10

Minecraft PE [138.37 Mb] (downloads: 50)

12 February, 2022
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