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Minecraft PE

15 November, 2022
Game Minecraft PE
Last week the game developers released Minecraft PE which brought many changes affecting bamboo rafts, camels, and hanging signs. The new update, that is Minecraft PE, does not change the newly-added features in any way but it is also interesting.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

After the last update, the developers of the game and the most active players identified several issues affecting:
  • Touch Controls (players not being able to cancel their flying process and move their belongings from the inventory in Creative)
  • Commands (/execute align xyz entity resulting in a crash)
  • Gameplay (honey not increasing in bee hives and retracting pistons making players move towards incorrect blocks)
  • Technical

Naturally, all these problems have been successfully resolved, but there is one more feature you will discover by installing the beta. This is a totally updated model, texture, and hitbox of the vex. Now it looks much more interesting and it is easier to fight.
Minecraft PE

Dear players, please do not hold the news about the release to yourself. Be generous and share this article with your friends so they can try it too.
If you want to find out about the release of all the upcoming game versions and about the changes they bring, visit our website on a regular basis. This way you can also discover all the newest maps, mods, and other MCPE content. Have a good time!

Video of MCPE

15 November, 2022

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