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Addon Orca / Killer Whale and Sperm Whale 1.14

Let us welcome two of the most formidable underwater-living mammals in the world in our MCPE world. Today you will have the chance to meet sperm whales and killer whales aka orcas.

18 October, 2020

Texture Pack Cosmetic PVP 1.14

PvP (Player versus player) games are fun and bring friends together, but sometimes the animations when fighting are not good enough. Texture Pack Cosmetic PVP is here to save the situation.

15 October, 2020

Addon Lucky Blocks 1.16

If you are not afraid to try your luck in different situations, you will adore this addon. It brings three kinds of blocks dropping random items: both useful and harmful ones.

11 October, 2020

Addon Explosive Arrows 1.14

Bows and crossbows are beautiful classic weapons, but sometimes they are just not enough for destroying what we are planning to so Addon Explosive Arrows is here to help.

8 October, 2020

Map Dark Sewer 1.16

Dear Bedrock players, we hope you like horror maps because today we are inviting you to try a really interesting one called Map Dark Sewer.

6 October, 2020

Texture Pack CONFUSION Resource Pack 1.14

Get ready to try one of the craziest texture packs ever! Texture Pack CONFUSION Resource Pack reshapes and changes the sounds many blocks in order to confuse us.

1 October, 2020

Addon Craftable Enchanted Apples 1.14

Enchanted apples have truly magical effects on the player: they offer absorption, regeneration and resistance. Today you will get the chance to learn how to craft this rare product.

27 September, 2020

Minecraft PE

There are only several hours until the workweek end and you are already planning how to spend your Saturday? We recommend you to do it by exploring Minecraft PE the new game beta!

25 September, 2020

Addon LuckyBlocks 1.14

We hope you are one of those persons who like surprises because Addon LuckyBlocks is one of the best surprise-containing addons ever! How lucky do you feel today?

20 September, 2020