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Texture Pack Optimizer+ PE 1.13

If your Minecraft PE game lags sometimes, a good solution is installing Texture Pack Optimizer+ PE which will reduce some world features, thus boosting your in-game FPS.

30 April, 2020

Map Kingdom Entropia Remake 1.13

Map Kingdom Entropia Remake, like its name suggests, is the recreation of the fantastic Entropia Kingdom from the popular Kingdom Minecraft Server.

26 April, 2020


While others have nothing to do, our subscribers are given the chance to download and explore the latest game version today and this is Minecraft

25 April, 2020


We are pleasantly surprised by the release of a new game version, that is Minecraft and we want to share all its fantastic new features with you.

17 April, 2020

Texture Pack Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Kit 1.13

If you consider yourself a gourmand, there is no way you won’t fall in love with the texture pack presented in our today’s article! Welcome Texture Pack Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Kit.

16 April, 2020

Coronavirus in Minecraft

Like it or not, Coronavirus is the most often discussed topic nowadays, so we also join to this discussion and bring two awesome addons that will teach us how to protect ourselves from this danger.

10 April, 2020

Addon Chupaluts 1.14

If you like surprises and are not afraid to take risks, you will definitely love Addon Chupaluts which brings plenty of both. What will you get first? A bad effect or perhaps some magical powers?

9 April, 2020


We won’t let this weekend pass without introducing our dear subscribers to the newest game update and its features. This time it is Minecraft

5 April, 2020

Map Small Prisons 1.13

We hope you are tough enough to survive in a prison environment, at least in your Minecraft PE world, because this is what you are going to do in Map Small Prisons.

2 April, 2020


Even if it’s Sunday and the weather outside is absolutely fantastic, we hope you will find time to check the latest game update, which is Minecraft Bedrock

29 March, 2020