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Minecraft PE

This week we will tell you about two new beta versions and we will start with the smallest and earliest one, that is Minecraft bedrock

17 September, 2021

Addon Ores Plus 1.17

Addon Ores Plus has been subject to many updates and its creator is finally ready to present a very complex and interesting product to us. We are sure you won’t regret trying it.

16 September, 2021


Getting married, making children, and decorating your house in a beautiful way are important and difficult decisions, but you can at least test what it’s like thanks to Addon FURNICRAFT 3D BLOCK.

13 September, 2021

Addon Terracotta Expansion 1.17

Addon Terracotta Expansion promises to make your Minecraft PE experience more interesting by bringing many new biomes, mobs, trees, cool miscellaneous items, and other surprises.

9 September, 2021

Addon Jetpack 1.16.221

We believe that there is no kid who wouldn’t dream of flying and not on a plane or on a helicopter, but by wearing a super cool jetpack. Would you like to try this experience?

5 September, 2021

Addon Thirsty 1.16.221

Keeping alive in Survival is not always easy but today you can make this experience even more challenging by adding a thirst bar and controlling the quantity of water you should consume.

29 August, 2021

Addon More Axolotl Variants 1.17

Would you like to see and interact with a lot of new kinds of axolotls in your Minecraft PE world? If you do, we recommend you check Addon More Axolotl Variants.

26 August, 2021

Minecraft PE

Dear players, as we promised we prepared an article about a brand new game beta called Minecraft PE We hope its features will make your gameplay better.

24 August, 2021

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE is one of the two beta versions that you will have the chance to explore this week. It contains a consistent list of bugfixes so hurry and read the article to learn about them

20 August, 2021

Minecraft PE 1.17.11

After a three-week break, we are ready to inform you about the release of Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.11 which is the latest full game version. Access the article to learn about its features.

18 August, 2021