Addon New Adventure Plus 1.17

25 November, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
Addon New Adventure Plus has the aim to diversify the gameplay by adding new vanilla mob variants and several new ones and by giving you the possibility to craft a lot of interesting objects and foods. Some biomes and structures will be better and more interesting to explore too.

Features of addon New Adventure Plus

Available mobs:

  • New kinds of undead mobs (zombies, skeletons, etc)
    Addon New Adventure Plus 1.17

  • Giant bears living in taiga biomes

  • New kinds of phantoms. These ones are red and they really like to attack sheep

  • Brute Enderman. Even if it spawns rarely, you should be careful because it is very strong.

  • Other new kinds of phantoms called Ender Phantoms. The second picture below shows their nests with eggs.

  • Another kind of Enderman called the White Enderman.

  • Three kinds of cute crabs spawning in waters and on beaches

  • Fat Worms spawning in Basalt biomes

  • A new kind of spider. It is brown and it not only bites but also gives a wither effect

  • A new kind of monster spawning in the deepest caves

Available crafting recipes:

  • A new kind of stew recipe. The basic ingredient is chorus fruit

  • Colored frames. As you can see from the pictures below, you can craft frames of sixteen different colors

  • Balloons that can be crafted with wool, phantom membranes, and leads

  • Ice balls that can be crafted with several ice pieces

  • Armor made from copper

  • Leather that can be crafted using flesh

  • Cookies that can be crafted using either glow or sweet berries and wheat

Other features:

  • A great chest containing all the items from this addon

  • Halloween soul pumpkins

  • Cemeteries where a lot of undead mobs are waiting for you

  • Beach house made from elements obtained after a shipwreck

  • Updated beaches

  • Cacti flowers and roses that can be used in a few crafting recipes

  • Rare towers that can be found in mesa biomes (if you are lucky)

  • Surfaced ships

  • Hunger food. After eating it, you will get a hunger effect.

We bet that you want to install and try this cool addon as soon as possible. To do this, hit the download button below but to make sure it works properly, install Minecraft Bedrock 1.17 (or a later version) and enable the experimental features as shown below.
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Addon New Adventure Plus

Download Addon New Adventure Plus [5.4 Mb] (downloads: 12)

25 November, 2021
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