Addon Dragon Mounts 2 1.16.200

14 November, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
In our opinion, Addon Dragon Mounts 2 is one of the greatest addons featuring dragons because by installing it, besides having the possibility to admire and fly different dragons, you will get the opportunity to explore an entire new dimension, to fight a couple of new bosses, to craft using a new type of wood and to meet such mobs as you have never seen before.

Features of addon Dragon Mounts 2

First of all, we will tell you about all the dragons and other creatures you will meet thanks to this addon. These are:
The Aether Phantom
Addon Dragon Mounts 2 1.16.200

The Flying Cow
The Flying Pig (also known as Phyg)

The Swet (two types)

The Aether Creeper

The Lightning Bird

The Aether Dragon (a boss that you can summon by clicking on the crystal shown in the picture below)

The Minotaur (a boss that can be found only in a secret room hidden in the Minotaur’s labyrinth in the new dimension)

The Ender Dragon

The Nether Dragon

The Magma Dripper

The Wither Dragon

The Fire Dragon (two types)

The Skysailor (four types)

The Celestial Skulk Glider

The Skeleton Dragon

All the dragons can be tamed and bred (usually using salmon, but there are a few exceptions). If you want to control them, you will have to use a saddle.
All the above-listed mobs can be found in the following dimensions, depending on their characteristics:
  • The Aether Dimension (this is the new dimension. You can get there by crafting a portal as shown in the picture below, placing it on the ground, and entering it)

  • The End Dimension
  • The Nether Dimension
  • The Overworld

  • In addition to all this, you will also discover:
    • Dragon eggs. To get them, you will have to kill dragons.

    • Armor for dragons

    • Armor for the Skysailor

    • Dragon Scale Armor and Swords
    • Whistle for dragons (used when riding them)

    • Shears for dragons (used to obtain dragon scales)

    • Dragon meat (dropped by dragons upon death. Can be consumed like any other food)
    • Skyroot

    Dear friends, the addon creator warns us that to be able to enjoy all the described-above features, we have to:
    1. Install Minecraft PE 1.16.200 or a more recent game version
    2. Turn on the Experimental Features (all of them)
    3. Download and install the addon

    For other interesting mods, visit our website. Here you will also discover many cool maps, textures, and other game-related surprises. Share the ones you like with your friends, leave feedback, and have a good time!
    Addon Dragon Mounts 2

    Addon Dragon Mounts 2 [34.91 Mb] (downloads: 40)

    14 November, 2021
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