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Minecraft PE 1.16.200

10 December, 2020
Game Minecraft PE
Lately, the Mojang team released a record number of game updates. One of the most important was Minecraft PE 1.16.100, firstly because it’s a full version and secondly, because it contained a very long list of useful changes, updates, and bugfixes. Minecraft PE 1.16.200 is a similarly important update because it also contains a lot of interesting new features.
Because this version is a full one, you can join Realms and other players who use full versions, and the builds created in it will be much more stable than the ones created in beta versions.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.200

This time, the MCPE developers had to fix many bugs and crashes, but some of them may seem familiar to you because they were present in the previously-released updates. Anyway, this version is very handy because it links all the fixes and vanilla parity in a single list, this giving us the possibility to enjoy an interesting and bugless gameplay.
Because there are very many vanilla parity modifications and bug fixes, we will mention only the most important ones, leaving the new features for later.

Vanilla Parity Changes

  • The error affecting the texture of the Netherite leggings was resolved
  • Removed the possibility of placing twisting vines on composters when sneaking
  • Removed the possibility of breaking snow blocks using shovels
  • Dragon eggs dropping properly when hit by explosions
  • Bees are programmed to fly no further than twenty-two blocks away from their nests


  • The founder’s cape is not missing from the dressing room anymore
  • When auto crafting something with a controller, only the preview items will be displayed on the crafting screen. This was done to make the recipe book update more quickly
  • Resolved the bug making the user’s play bobble when it shouldn’t
  • Resolved the animation-related bug of the heads not syncing with the bodies (affecting certain mobs)
  • Corrected the behavior of some hostile mobs (foxes, wither skeletons, ravagers, and others) when hunting their targets
  • Resolved the issue of piglins picking up the same object placed between them
  • Removed the possibility of certain mobs (magma cubes, skeletons, blazes, and others) to spawn in wither roses
  • Improved the texture of the zombified piglins
  • Resolved the bug letting bees exist from other nest sides than the front
  • Resolved the texture-related bug affecting glowsticks
  • Resolved the problem of compasses getting replaced like in survival when playing in creative (when using it on a lodestone)
  • Resolved the bug affecting the growth direction of cocoa beans
  • Resolved the problem making signs replace decorations
  • Resolved the issue of owned packs not refreshing as they should after reloading the MCPE game (when playing in VR)
  • Resolved multiple issues affecting the screen reader. Now it works more consistently
  • Resolved multiple issues affecting the text-to-speech option
  • Improved the text contrast in the UI
  • Modified a number of message relating to deaths produced by various mobs
  • Fixed the possibility to rotate the dressing room paperdoll properly
  • Updated characters and other features in the profile screen
  • Modified the names of certain colors in the Character Creator
  • Resolved the problem of the scoreboard not being shown properly in certain situations
  • Resolved bugs affecting the /effect, /playsound, and /titleraw commands

New features:

Now that you know that all the above-mentioned problems won’t prevent you from playing in peace, it is time to find out about the newly-introduced features:
  • RenderDragon is a very cool graphics engine, but until now it was available only for PlayStation and Xbox 1 users. Starting with this version, you can also enjoy it if you are a Windows 10 user! In a near future, the MCPE developers promise to make this option available for all the devices used to play MCPE
  • The opportunity to make the music and sounds in your world louder or quieter (or turn them off). For this task, the developers created special sliders for different sound categories.
    Minecraft PE 1.16.200

  • Minecraft switched to the OpenXR standard to support Windows MR mixed reality and Oculus VR support. If you are a Windows 10 user, you can start the game in OpenXR mode using command minecraft://mode/?OpenXR=true

  • Raytracing, which is a totally new graphical technology allowing the lighting system to become more dynamic and vibrant, is now available for Windows 10 users, but only if special hardware is compatible with it.

We hope all the news related above will convince you to try this new version. Hurry and click on the download button below the video trailer, share the article with other players, and leave feedback.
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Video of Minecraft PE 1.16.200

Minecraft PE 1.16.200

Minecraft PE 1.16.200 [122.93 Mb] (downloads: 1252)

10 December, 2020

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Victoria portman
Victoria portman12 December 2020, 20:46
Give me the version 
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Pinky Pie12 December 2020, 22:03
Minecraft is cool xD
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