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Minecraft PE 1.16.100

18 November, 2020
Game Minecraft PE
We have been trying weekly betas for many months and the Mojang team finally developed the long-awaited full game version by carrying out dozens of bugfixes and by introducing new and interesting changes. We suggest you sit comfortably and grab a cup of tea or coffee because there is a lot to learn about Minecraft PE 1.16.100.
Besides the multitude of bug fixes and new features developed for the MCPE users, the update also includes an incredible number of possibilities for those creating maps and addons.

General changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.100

This version includes not only new features and fixes. We are already familiar with many of them from the previously-released betas, for example, Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE, and other later ones.
Minecraft PE 1.16.100

Because we know that you can’t wait to finish reading and hit the download button as soon as possible, we will spare your time and we will list only the new and most important changes.

New game features:

  • Players can use their achievements to unlock many newly-introduced items from the Character Creator
  • New nice-looking Achievements Screen
  • New sounds for turtles and phantoms
  • Many changes to make specific features be like in the java, including the drying process of dolphins, piglins’ barter units, soul sand valley and basalt delta floors and ceilings, and several item names.
  • Players will have to make more efforts to destroy basalt blocks and the ghasts won’t be able to destroy basalt at all with their fireballs
  • The movement of the netherite found within lava was adjusted
  • Blackstone can be suitable to create brewing stands
  • Pick Block and the /give command can be used to obtain and pick farmland
  • Possibility to align chains in a horizontal position
  • Possibility to tempt striders with passengers
  • Several changes affecting the Nether mobs, for example, the fact that the piglins drop their inventory items after being zombified and piglin brutes giving more xp points than before
  • Players can use lanterns underwater without fearing that they might pop
  • Soul Soil does not melt ice and snow anymore
  • Modified size of the baby piglins to make them look as cute as the rest of baby mobs
  • When killing baby Nether mobs, they will drop items
  • Unfortunately, enchanted gold axes are not part of the piglin brute’s equipment anymore
  • When mined, soul soil drops from the soul campfire
  • Striders have their health increased
  • Piglins being able to equip a lot of things now, for example, elytra, mob heads, and more.


The MCPE developers succeeded in fixing the following issues:

Items, blocks, mobs:

  • Some mobs not dropping anything during a raid
  • The problem making item stacks that are drops invisible in specific situations
  • The problem of durability not being shown until the player does not reload his/her world
  • Failure to craft banner patterns in a 2x crafting grid
  • Incorrect crimson and warped related block coloring in maps
  • Totem of Undying giving other effects than it should
  • Armor getting blocked in the hot bar in specific situations
  • Smelted items having a wrong damage value
  • Dragon egg not dropping in case of explosion
  • Boots that are enchanted getting blocked on mobs or players after being destroyed
  • Compasses pointing to wrong directions
  • Saplings transforming into bee nests
  • Rails not powering properly along specific axes
  • Blocks duplicating if falling next to a portal
  • Observer block texture remaining active even after moving it with pistons
  • Blocks not breaking if their falling process is longer than usual
  • The texture of water and lava becoming invisible in case a slime or a honey block is placed on top
  • Walls connecting incorrectly
  • Water from bubble columns floating incorrectly
  • Bees flying out of nests and beehives even from those sides where a comparator is placed
  • Impossibility to tame baby mobs
  • A bug not letting villagers harvest their crops
  • Mobs failing to find ways out from lava
  • Ghasts failing to spawn in specific light levels
  • Wrong Vex movement on specific axes
  • Hostile mobs not being able to spawn if the weather is set to thunderstorm

Other fixed issues:

  • Game crashing often in specific situations
  • Poor chunk loading activity
  • Failure to unlock the “super fuel”, “beaconator” and “archer” achievements properly
  • Fishing rod not casting properly when near mobs
  • Wrong generation of End City chests
  • Mobs with ranged armor not dropping it when killed
  • Several problems detected when playing in Realms
  • Incorrect background graphic of the skybox
  • Animation of bamboos not working sometimes
  • Music not playing when going into the water in specific biomes

  • Too loud raid horn
  • Multiple issues affecting the Craft Screen, for example, hyphaes were in the wrong department of the inventory and warped warts were in an unfolding file of this menu
  • Multiple issues affecting the player’s user interface, for example, outdated load screen messages, played time not showing normally in the Achievements screen, and wrong size of a button from the user’s pause menu.
  • Incorrect background of title commands

News for the Map and Addon Creators

Like we already mentioned, there is good news for the maps and for the addon creators. Some of them are:
  • The template packs were updated
  • Added a big number of useful commands, including /structure, /music, /playanimation, /camerashake, and /ride. Using them, you can control the in-game music/sounds, to animate structure places, to make a specific entity ride another one and much more
  • Many adjustments and improvements of data-driven blocks
  • The minecarts and the squids are data-driven
  • Introduced a very useful command: /fog
  • Renamed several item names to be identical to those from the java
  • Made the location of item icons in the UI easier

Like we told you, these are only the most important fixes and features that might interest you, but if you want to know more about this update, we recommend you watch the video trailer below.
To try this fantastic full game version, click on the download button below the video, share the news with all your bedrock friends, and leave feedback.
Follow our website to always be up to date not only with the newest updates, but also with the most popular maps, mods, and more. Have a great time!
Minecraft PE 1.16.100

Minecraft PE 1.16.100 [122.66 Mb] (downloads: 1135)

18 November, 2020

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