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Minecraft PE

29 October, 2020
Game Minecraft PE
The Mojang team releases new game versions weekly, but lately, the updates used to contain a very limited number of fixes, for example in Minecraft PE This week is so special because the released beta, that is Minecraft Bedrock, is much richer and does not contain only bugfixes, but also three very important new features: a very interesting experimental option, a new mob, and a new block.

New features in Minecraft Bedrock

Because this beta contains a very big number of fixes, we will mention only the most important ones, giving priority to the new features, but we will talk about them later. First, let us see what problems had to be fixed:
  • Many crashes happening when the player flies around, moves, uses end portal blocks in his/her game world
  • Another crash happening when there is a too large number of planned instant updates
  • End portal blocks remaining in place if the end portal frame is destroyed
  • Paperdoll not rotating properly in the dressing room when using a mouse cursor on it
  • The content of double chests disappearing after a world reload
  • The “invite to game” screen not working properly when the user interface screen should read the shortcut buttons and screen titles
  • Screen reader not reading the game updates regularly
  • User interface screen reader not seeing the open chat messages in case the Text to speech option for the chat is disabled
  • The compass getting replaced like in creative when using it on a lodestone
  • Cocoa beans facing an incorrect direction which can lead to the fact that they break after a short while
  • Signs taking the place of decorations in case they are placed in the same spot
  • Snow blocks breaking if they are right-clicked with a shovel
  • Incorrect Netherite leggings texture
  • Villagers taking up jobs others already have, this impeding others from working
  • Bees exiting from all sides of a bee nest or bee hive
  • Zombified piglins and other mobs living in the Nether spawning on wither roses
  • A few bugs related to the next commands: /playsoundcommands, /effect, /title’s times, and /titleraw
  • Zombified Piglin textures provoking the loincloth to flicker
  • Mobs getting teleported randomly in case there is space for just one entity on the solid blocks

All the above-listed problems were successfully fixed and now it is time to finally learn about the new features mentioned at the beginning of this article:
  • Experimental Features. This option was introduced so that the players can take a sneak peek of what the MCPE developers are planning to introduce to the game later, in the upcoming versions.
  • Goats. These active animals can be brought into your world by enabling the option mentioned above. They live in extreme hills and love climbing and jumping. Even their fall damage is lower than in other mobs (or the player). In case they ram into trees, goats will drop a horn. Be careful around them, because they have the habit of throwing players and mobs off mountains.

  • Powder snow. These new blocks are similar to the ordinary snow blocks but have a slightly different feature. When walking on such blocks, you will notice that your movements are slower than usual, but you can solve this by wearing leather boots. Currently, the powder snow can be obtained only through the creative inventory and only after enabling the experimental options mentioned above.

If you want to meet the new mobs and to see what it’s like to interact with powder snow, click on the button below the video to download this beta, share the news with all your MCPE buddies, and leave feedback.
Visit our website regularly and you will always be the first to find out about the latest game updates and about the most popular maps, mods and other free MCPE-related surprises. Have a great time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [123.41 Mb] (downloads: 3689)

29 October, 2020

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