Addon Bedrock Plus 1.17

22 November, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
If you are using Minecraft PE 1.17 or any of the other later game versions, there is nothing that can stop you from trying Addon Bedrock Plus, but you also have to be courageous and have good fighting skills, because you will meet many new hostile mobs that will make your experience really challenging.

How does addon Bedrock Plus work

This addon brings the following new mobs:
  • The Black Bear (the only neutral mob offered by this addon)
    Addon Bedrock Plus 1.17

  • The Alpha Piglin

  • The Assasin Pillager

  • The Lord Skeleton

  • The Defective Golem

  • The Zombie Soldier

  • The Wild Ravager

  • The Fire Bat

  • The Lost Skeleton

  • The Infected Pigman

  • The Guard Skeleton

  • The Soul Skeleton

  • The Withered Archer

  • The Volatile Creeper

  • The Mummy

  • The Redback Spider

  • The Burning Skeleton

  • The Poison Skeleton

  • The Infected Zombie

  • These mobs spawn in different dimensions and biomes, so, to meet them, you will have to do some traveling. They are way stronger than the vanilla mobs and together with their attacks, you risk getting different harmful effects when fighting with them, for example, poison, wither, burning effects. The addon creator recommends putting on diamond armor right from the start. The good thing is that these mobs drop their weapons upon death, and some of them are really powerful.
    We must also mention that the vanilla mobs will also become faster and more powerful after installing this addon.
    The addon also brings several very good crafting recipes. We strongly recommend you try them.
    • Stick

    • Coal (two pieces)

    • Flint (two pieces)

    • Netherite Scrap

    • Iron Ingot

    • Polished Iron Sword

    • Diamond

    • Sharp Stone Axe

    Now that you know what expects you, it is up to you to decide whether you are ready to meet all the new mobs. If you think you are, click on the download button below, and good luck!
    For other interesting mods, visit our website. We also invite you to check the article about Minecraft PE because this is the newest game version and it brings many good changes to the game. Have a good time!
    Addon Bedrock Plus

    Addon Bedrock Plus [231.66 Kb] (downloads: 10)

    22 November, 2021
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