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Minecraft PE

20 November, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
Last week we explored Minecraft PE, but to be frank, its list of changes was king of modest. This week the MCPE developers released a much more complex beta containing many interesting changes, useful bug fixes, and technical improvements. Are you curious to find out what Minecraft PE is about?

Bug fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

We will categorize all the changes as bug fixes because most of them are results of some features that haven’t been developed very thoughtfully initially. Now they have been either fixed or improved and as a whole, they will make our Bedrock experience much better. So, let’s get started!
This week, the game developers:
  • Introduced a new log message meant to let players identify why BDS crashes happen
  • Made foods apply the correct effects on those who are consuming them
  • Removed the risk of getting hurt by own armor enchantments
  • Resolved the problem of structure blocks spawning saved entities continuously upon loading a saved structure
  • Resolved the problem of certain achievements not being available even if the player meets all the requirements
  • Resolved the problem of mob spawners working incorrectly when
  • Improved the position of maps when held
  • Resolved the problem of villagers collecting excessive amounts of item stacks even if the stack limit of eight is full
  • Resolved the problem of frost walkers having a too large freezing range because this could cause the server to stop responding
  • Resolved the problem of TNTs exploding even when the tntExplodes gamerule is not enabled
  • Resolved the problem of ruined portals from under oceans being waterlogged while they should be dry
  • Resolved the problem of the cooldown overlay when using chorus fruit or ender pearls being white instead of being transparent partially on the HUD
  • Resolved the movement problems after respawning (in regards to the player)
  • Resolved the problem of emotes not being applicable in scaffolding
  • Resolved the problem of players getting damage from magma blocks even if they use command /gamerule firedamage false
  • Resolved the problem of glowing lichens not facing the correct direction
  • Restricted the placement of big dripleaves on a certain category of blocks
  • Made copper oxidize in absolutely all the MCPE dimensions
  • Resolved the problem of budding amethyst not breaking fully when the player attempts to break it as a support block
  • Resolved the problem of the gravity block animations becoming kind of choppy when they are about to land
  • Resolved the problem of candles having a wrong hitbox size
  • Removed the possibility to place fire on lightning rods
  • Resolved the problem of water flowing in a wrong way near edges
  • Resolved the problem of goats not spawning in frozen and jagged peaks biome
  • Resolved the problem of rabbits and foxes spawning as normal rabbits and foxes instead of snow rabbits and foxes in frozen and jagged peaks biome
  • Resolved the problem of the camera working incorrectly when going to bed while still flying with elytra
  • Resolved the problem of light failing to go off from lighting blocks when returning from the End or from the Nether dimensions
  • Fixed the broken texture of certain blocks
  • Resolved the problem of bought coins not showing the updated number of coins
  • Resolved the problem of the Mesa biome having an inconsistent generation in Realms
  • Resolved the problem of the frozen ocean biome having an inconsistent generation in Realms
  • Made the layer between y=0 and y=4 in upgraded old MCPE worlds of deepslate
  • Made deepslate copper ores generate in dripstone caves
  • Resolved the problem of bows shaking continuously when held
  • Resolved the problem preventing the /effect command from working correctly

These are all the changes, but the beta also contains an incredible number of technical updates, but we will leave them to the addon creators and map makers.
Minecraft PE

Now it is time to try this game update, but don’t forget about your friends! Share this article with them so they can keep informed about everything that is happening in Minecraft Bedrock too.
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Video of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [132.53 Mb] (downloads: 167)

20 November, 2021
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