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Addon AEcraft's Modern Furniture 1.17

Would you like to have a fully equipped house in Minecraft Bedrock? We are sure that you do, so go on and see what today’s addon has to offer for this aim.

3 January, 2022

Map Pada's Laboratory 1.17

If you want to win all the time when you play with your friends in PvP games, you should train hard and Map Pada's Laboratory can be of great help in this activity.

30 December, 2021

Addon Mob Hider 1.17

The addon we will talk about in this article offers a unique possibility, namely to transform into almost any vanilla mob or monster! Would you like to try it?

26 December, 2021

Addon WarVehicles 1.16.221

If you are planning a war in Minecraft Bedrock, besides good weapons you probably need quality vehicles and Addon WarVehicles provides a lot of them.

24 December, 2021

Minecraft PE

Have you ever wondered why there are no frogs in MCPE? Because they were waiting for the release of Minecraft PE! Install it to meet these cute little creatures!

18 December, 2021

Addon Poppy Playtime 1.18

Despite its cute appearance and name, Huggy Wuggy from the Poppy Playtime video game is a very strong and dangerous character. Do you have enough courage to meet it?

13 December, 2021

Minecraft PE

A couple of hours ago we mentioned that we have two new versions to try this week and since we already informed you about the first, it is time to find out what the second one has to offer.

11 December, 2021

Minecraft PE 1.18.2

The weekend is here and you have two days of absolute freedom! With this occasion, we have two new game versions to present to you and in this article, we will tell you about one of them.

11 December, 2021

Addon Bioplentia 1.17.11

There are many beautiful and interesting biomes in Minecraft Bedrock, but if traveling and exploring are your passions, you can discover more stunning places by installing today’s addon.

9 December, 2021

Minecraft PE 1.18.1

We have important news for you! Minecraft PE 1.18.1 Caves & Cliffs update 2 full version was released several hours ago. Would you like to know what it brought?

6 December, 2021