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Addon Time Stop 1.17

16 March, 2022
Minecraft PE Mods
There is no person on earth who would have the possibility to stop time from running, but as we all know, everything is possible in Minecraft Bedrock and today, thanks to Addon Time Stop you can become the only one who would have this power.

How to use addon Time Stop

With this possibility, you will be able to manage time. You will see that this is not even difficult, even if it sounds fantastic.
For starters, you will make the Time Stop. This is the actual mechanism that will let you use this power.
Addon Time Stop 1.17

Naturally, you also need a mechanism to make the time run again, and here is how you can make it. The addon creator calls it Time Reusem.

Now you have everything necessary to make time stop and make it run again. This way, by using the first clock, even the following things will freeze:
  • Projectiles stop from flying

  • Blocks and items stop from falling

  • TNTs stop from exploding

  • Fire stops from burning

  • Entities stop from moving (the Ender Dragon is an exception, but even it will move slower than usual)

  • Any weather processes stop (rain, snow, etc)
  • Crops stop from growing
  • Normal regeneration stops

In a recent update, the content creator even introduced the possibility to stop other users in your world from moving.
We are sure that you can’t wait to experiment with the time-stopping clock so go on and check it. The addon can be downloaded free of charge, but before hitting the buttons below the article, we suggest you make sure you are already using one of the newest game versions (at least Minecraft Bedrock 1.17). You will also have to enable the following experimental features toggle.

Dear friends, if you want to try other free mods, maps, and other game-related surprises, we invite you to explore our website. Have a good time!
Addon Time Stop

Addon Time Stop Behavior Pack [8.41 Kb] (downloads: 132)

Addon Time Stop Resource Pack [5.12 Kb] (downloads: 102)

16 March, 2022
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