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Minecraft PE

13 March, 2022
Game Minecraft PE
We are all waiting for this year’s grand release called Minecraft PE 1.19 or the Wild Update but there is a long time until then. Happily, the MCPE developers decided that the players deserve to explore some of its features earlier so they started introducing Wild experimental features in the latest game versions. In the beta we will discuss in this article, namely Minecraft PE, you will discover even more such features and many other cool surprises.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

  • The Allay is definitely the star of this beta version. This mob has several favorite hobbies. These are: collecting items of the same kind, listening to music, and flying. If you want to obtain many similar objects, the Allay is the perfect mob to help you. Just give him one piece and it won’t rest until it collects an entire stack and give it to you. Look for allays in woodland mansions and near pillager outposts, because they usually spawn in these places.
    Minecraft PE

  • Sculk. As you already know from the previous game versions, sculk is also feature under the experimental toggle. When a mob dies in the near vicinity of a sculk catalyst or, this creates the apparition of a very mysterious charge that has the same level as the XP the mob would usually drop if it died in a different place. The charge flows through sculk veins until it reaches blocks that can be turned into sculk. Naturally, along its way, the charge decays. In case it decays near a catalisator, it may turn into a sculk shrieker or into a sculk sensor. Some sculk characteristics were also modified to be in parity with the Java edition.
  • New effect. The game developers introduced a new effect called Darkness Effect. It makes the environment around more mysterious and helps the user get accustomed to the Warden’s presence in the gaming world, even if it was not added yet. You will notice that the lights get lower with each pulse and the contrast between light and darkness is more noticeable

Besides the hard work done in relation to the features under the experimental toggle, the MCPE developers also updated the Touch Controls and you can check the new options by enabling the Touch Control Schemes of the Settings menu.

They have also fixed a number of problems affecting:
  • Commands (can be used on players in all the existing dimensions)
  • Blocks (bugs affecting glow lichens, redstone, torches, lily pads, and azaleas)
  • Graphics (lighting bugs when experimenting with light levels by placing light blocks, some items not being visible in the dark while they should)
  • UI (Bug affecting the Invite button, and seed templates missing from the new Create New World Screen)
  • Technical Aspect of the game (Molang, components, GameTestFramework)
  • Other features (Fire Tick rule and its relation to fire, scaffoldings and the way they are placed, wrong spawning logic of cats and iron golems, shulkers’ spawning process, incorrect animation of items picked up by mobs, acacia tree leaves not growing correctly, blaze fireballs not dealing knockback, and mobs spawning on top of campfires)

The game developers prevent us that there may be a few issues with the new mobs (the Allays) but they will be fixed as soon as possible.
If you want to hear all this information about the current beta from a different source and maybe find out more details about it, watch the video trailer below, and when you are ready, download and try it!
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Video of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [143.61 Mb] (downloads: 51)

13 March, 2022
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