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Minecraft PE

Dear Bedrock fans, today we will explore the fixes brought by the beta version released this week. The version is called Minecraft PE

13 November, 2020

Texture Pack Vanilla Raytraced 1.16

Ray Tracing, also known as RTX represents a technique that makes the light in video games act like in real life and now you can check how it works in your MCPE world.

12 November, 2020

Texture Pack Haptic Shader 1.13

Some of us use low-end devices to play MCPE and because of some sophisticated shaders, our game can lag. Texture Pack Haptic Shader was developed for such cases.

8 November, 2020

Minecraft PE

Minecraft Bedrock is the new game beta bringing us nearer to the legendary Caves and Cliffs Update with its great new features and useful changes.

6 November, 2020

Map AMONG US: The Skeld 1.16

The Skeld is the first and the best map of the Among Us game, set on a spaceship and now you can explore it right in your personal Bedrock world.

5 November, 2020

Addon Jeep! 1.13

Driving a big and strong Jeep is a cool enough activity, but an even better one is crashing all your enemies with it. Try Addon Jeep! and see how you can do this.

1 November, 2020

Addon Potopo’s Furniture 1.16

Addon Potopo’s Furniture brings an incredible number of nice-looking furniture and electronic devices that you can use to decorate your in-game home.

29 October, 2020

Minecraft PE

Dear Bedrock fans, get ready to explore one of those versions where the developers introduced many new features and helpful fixes. This update is called Minecraft PE

29 October, 2020

Map Mining Simulator (Halloween) 1.16

If you like mining, we invite you to try today’s map, especially giving the fact that it is fully decorated with elements reminding us of Halloween: the best holiday of this month.

25 October, 2020

Minecraft PE

After a hard work week, all of us deserve to relax a bit, and what can be better than enjoying a cup of hot tea while exploring the features of a new game update?

24 October, 2020