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Addon (M)ore! 1.17.11

29 November, 2021
Minecraft PE Mods
Addon (M)ore! Is an absolutely fantastic addon that brings a lot of new ores, alloys, crystals, etc. Now you will have more mining possibilities and of course, the freedom to craft more unusual armor, weapons, and other awesome things.

Features of addon (M)ore!

All the available materials are categorized by the dimension they generate in. First, we will start with the Overworld ones:
  • Pearls. They spawn in new kinds of structures called Clams or in oceans and can be used to create decorative blocks.
    Addon (M)ore! 1.17.11

  • Obsidian Diamond Ores can be found not only in the Overworld but also in the Nether. When broken, these ores can drop up to three diamonds.

  • Sulfur can spawn in many places in the Overworld. You can use it to obtain gun powder or decorative blocks

  • Aluminum. You can use it to craft chains, lanterns, and even very nutritious apples and carrots

  • Bronze. It can be obtained by mixing copper and tin and, after obtaining a bronze ingot, smelting it in the furnace. You can use bronze to craft lanterns, chains, and different kinds of statues.

  • Tin. Tin can be used to obtain weapons, armor, lanterns, and chains.

Next, we will tell you about the materials that can be found in the Nether dimension. These are:
  • Resonite. This ore can be crafted into enchanted crafting tables.

  • Jasper. Jasper can be of more kinds and each of them has its own characteristics and aims.

  • Onyx. This material is stronger than all the rest.

  • Manganese can be crafted into chests that are much better than the ordinary ones and have more slots

  • Rose Gold. You can use it to craft weapons, armor, lanterns, and chains.

  • Duralumin. This material is also very strong.

  • Crystalized Diamonds. First, you will have to mine in caves to obtain the crystals and transform them into their cut variants using the stonecutter. The cut variants can be used to craft very sharp weapons.

  • Turquoise Crystals. You can break them and obtain shards that when interacted with, give many benefic effects or remove bad ones. They can also be transformed into enchanted golden apples.

  • Electrum. First, you will mine to obtain electrum nuggets. The nuggets, as well as the ingots, can be used as fuel. It can be also used to craft lightning staff. The nuggets can also serve you well if you want to upgrade weapons made from other materials.

  • Lead. This material can be crafted into magic armor that will remove all the bad effects. You can also use it to make a poisonous potion.

  • Jade. Jade can be transformed into decorative blocks.

  • Carbon 37 and 38. The 37 one can be transformed into torches and can be used as fuel and the 38 one can be transformed into diamonds if introduced into the blast furnace.

  • Smithsonite. From it, you can obtain charms, totems, and regeneration potions.

  • Zirconium. It can be used to craft lanterns that scare away monsters

  • XP Ores. When broken, they drop XP.

In a recent update, the addon creator decided to introduce some more surprises, so he brought several new types of:
  • Iron Golems

  • Raw Ores

  • Chests

As you can easily understand, there is a lot to try and you will have a lot of work to do so don’t lose any more time, hit the button below and download this addon! If you like it, do not hesitate to share the article with other MCPE users.
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Addon (M)ore!

Addon (M)ore! [2.1 Mb] (downloads: 19)

29 November, 2021
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