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Minecraft PE

24 October, 2022
Game Minecraft PE
In this article’s description, we mentioned two new updates, but we will describe them separately. This one is about Minecraft PE which is an amazing beta. In our opinion, this is the best beta released in the last couple of months because it brings new blocks, skins, and even a very cool mob.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Believe us, the below-enlisted features will amaze you like no others introduced lately, but before we tell you about them, you must remember that all the changes are very important, but they are freshly developed so you should expect further updates and modifications done to them. Even so, we are sure you are already curious to learn about and try them.
First, we will talk about four new features that can be enjoyed only by turning on the Experimental features toggle:
  • The new bookshelf. This kind of bookshelf is chiseled and players can actually keep books on it (up to six). It has a lot of functions, including detecting the last placed book and keeping enchanted books and quilts safe. To obtain such a bookshelf, you will have to craft it using planks and slabs.
    Minecraft PE

  • Bamboo. Prepare to start crafting with bamboo wood! Even if this type of wood is not very resistant, it looks amazing in builds. There is even a new kind of transport made from it, that is the raft.

  • Camel. This lovely animal is ready to meet you in your gaming world. It can take you and one of your friends on its back wherever you want and it has a very interesting behavior. It rests very rarely and it loves cacti. These mobs can be bred and their babies are very cute.
  • Signs. Signs become more functional and can be placed (and hung) in more places than before. You can even attach them to each other. Another cool thing about the new kind of signs is that the text written on them has a very special UI.

The rest of the features brought by this beta do not require enabling the experimental features toggle. The most important ones are:
  • Upgraded Dressing Room with a new first-time modal, much more skins, and updated Alex and Steve. You will also discover that creating a new character has become a more fascinating process than before.
  • Improved Allay's behavior in Creative
  • Improved sounds of doors closing and opening, button clicking, and interaction with crimson/warped blocks
  • Quicker baby villagers (you will notice this when they play tag)

Dear players, today we will not describe the minor changes and bug fixes because we know that you can’t wait to click on the download button and share the news about this legendary release with other players, but in case you do need more detailed information, you can watch the video below this article.
Visit our website as often as you can and you will be always up to date with the latest game versions. As a matter of fact, we are already working on an article about the second release we mentioned at the beginning.
We also have many new maps, textures, and other surprises for you to check. Here you will surely find something to make your Bedrock experience even more fun! Have a good time!

Video of MCPE

24 October, 2022
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