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Minecraft PE

28 September, 2022
Game Minecraft PE
As we noticed the developers of the Mojang team release new game versions regularly and we are waiting for a new one at the end of this week, but until then, let us tell you about Minecraft PE which is also a fresh update.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

This beta brings several technical updates and more than ten bug fixes. We will enlist the most serious problems that had to be resolved:
  • Sounds playing when a player in Spectator Mode goes in and out from a bubble column
  • Scaffolding burning for too long when used as fuel
  • Incorrect drop when breaking a block below a flower that is covered with snow
  • Command /clone not working as it should when attempting to copy a bubble column
  • Tridents and arrows freezing while flying
  • The wither effect getting reduced when the player has armor on
  • Beacon disappearing when looked at from far away
  • Drowned changing the held items while attacking
  • Users being unable to drag things in the equipment settings menu
  • The names of some effects being displayed in a color that makes them unreadable
  • Unstackable items not being swappable when using touch controls
  • Incorrect control scheme buttons in the settings menu

Minecraft PE

These are the issues that you won’t have to face anymore, of course, if you choose to install the current beta version. Please share this article with other players so they can forget about them too.
Visit our website as often as you can and besides being up to date with all news coming from Mojang Studios, you will get the chance to try many free maps, mods, and textures. Have a good time!

Video of MCPE

28 September, 2022

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