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Minecraft PE

14 April, 2019
Game Minecraft PE
Before the weekend began, the modjang team released the update Minecraft Pocket Edition This is a minor update that introduced several changes to the game. Also in this version bugs and other problems were fixed.

We want to note the fact that in the version of Minecraft has become more secure. Below you can see the main changes in the update Minecraft on Android.

  • Optimized the use of target selectors of MCPE 1.11.0.
  • Fixed villagers wandering constantly when there is no Minecraft Village nearby.
  • Local multiplayer games MCPE can still be played between Nintendo Switch devices after playing a regular multiplayer game
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur after opening the skin picker in Minecraft Bedrock 1.11.0.
  • Made various performance optimizations around Villages Minecraft

    We certainly recommend that you download this version of the game because it is better than other test versions of Minecraft 1.11. At least there are fewer bugs here.

    This was the complete list of changes to Minecraft We recommend you download this game update.

    At the moment, this is the most stable beta version of Minecraft on android.

    We also recommend visiting the sections: mods for minecraft, maps, textures, skins. In these sections there are quite a lot of interesting add-ons for the mobile version of Minecraft.

    Minecraft Pocket Edition

    Minecraft PE with Xbox Live
    Download Minecraft PE [86.36 Mb] (downloads: 10527)

  • 14 April, 2019

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    wawank2 June 2019, 13:07
    ok saya ingin ikut 

    sya sangat ingin ikut server ini

    ronigg22314 June 2019, 03:17
    saya ikut karna asaya suka didnd jdbdndndjdhdbeh

    RamaSkuyJunior2 July 2019, 09:07
    Ashiappppp santuy
    Wyngard19 May 2020, 13:07
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