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Minecraft PE 1.10.0

14 April, 2019
Game Minecraft PE
The developers of the mobile version of Minecraft decided to release the MCPE 1.10.0 update, partly with the features of the Minecraft 1.11.0 update. The update Minecraft 1.10 available raids, updated trade with villagers and much more!

In the Minecraft update 1.10 there are quite a lot of features from the Minecraft PE 1.11.0 updates. Some of the features of Minecraft 1.10.0 are available only when the experimental game mode is on.

In the future, when the Minecraft 1.11 update is released, the MCPE 1.11.0 all features will be available without switching on the experimental game mode.

Having studied all the changes in Minecraft 1.10.0, you can download the apk file of the game on the link below.

Also, to diversify the game mode Minecraft, we recommend downloading some add-ons from our site.

On our website you will find mods, maps, textures, unique seeds and skins that will make your character’s appearance look unique.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.10.0

Minecraft PE 1.10.0 with Xbox Live
Download Minecraft PE 1.10.0 [83.76 Mb] (downloads: 57160)

14 April, 2019

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minecraft6 July 2019, 01:35

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Al aire libre

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AI aire libre horaaa!!!!
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Minecraft pocket edition 

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Buena aplicasion
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Versiunea 1.10.0
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