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Minecraft PE

14 July, 2020
Game Minecraft PE
If you are an active guest of our website, you couldn’t have missed Minecraft PE 1.16.1, the awesome full version released two weeks ago. We hope you managed to explore it properly because it is time to go further and try a new update released by the hard-working MCPE developers: Minecraft PE Unfortunately, there is nothing exciting and new to discover, but the crash and bug fixes will definitely make our gaming experience nicer and less problematic.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • The crash happening on the PlayStation 4 devices was fixed (this fix was also present in the previous game version)
  • The MCPE users that prefer playing in split-screen mode noticed that the ender dragon and crystals are not visible. The developers fixed this bug.
  • The rider_can_interact field in minecraft:rideable is fortunately usable again
  • The developers also took care that the mobs can spawn under the earth when required (there was a bug preventing them from doing it)
  • Some players noticed that the Marketplace failed to load correctly sometimes. This problem was resolved.
  • The command blocks were also subject to fixes
  • The issue preventing the chests not generating loot properly was resolved
  • The functionality of the /fill command was also worked on
  • A crash happening when pushing on the Manage Account button was resolved
  • The notifications that failed to appear on the iOS devices were fixed
  • The components of the behavior animation will not try to load repeatedly every time after the MCPE player or a mob rides someone
  • The components of the behavior animation will not try to load repeatedly every time the player resumes the game

Dear subscribers and guests, these and other important fixes can be discovered by installing the present update. To do this, use the download button below the video trailer, but before that remember to make copies of your existing MCPE worlds if you want to keep them.
Visit us on a regular basis and you will always be among the first MCPE players to discover the latest game versions and to be up to date with the most popular maps, texture packs, and other interesting articles. Have a good time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Bedrock [94.8 Mb] (downloads: 1200)

14 July, 2020

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Basuki Raharjo
Basuki Raharjo15 July 2020, 14:59
minecraft ini sangat bagus tapi tolong berikan emot gratis dan bagaimana cara masuk kearketplace
sans200013522 July 2020, 22:26
minecraft yeeee
Vika24 October 2020, 14:59
Churchill gb
Coolerpro27 October 2020, 09:38
Minecraft is my favourite game in wold trust me :V
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