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Minecraft PE

27 June, 2019
Game Minecraft PE
The development team of Minecraft Pocket Edition continues to fix problems in update MCPE 1.12.0! This time the update Minecraft Bedrock contains many important changes.

Changes that you can see in the mobile version of Minecraft PE increase the stability of the game, as well as fix bugs.

Below we have published the full list of changes to Minecraft Bedrock Edition Before you download the update Minecraft Pocket Edition for android - check out the full list of changes in the game Minecraft The full list of changes MCPE published on this page below!

Changes in the game Minecraft

  • Crashes/Performance
    • Improved FPS performance related to various particles:
      • Enderman's teleporting particles no longer cause consistent FPS drop, especially during boss fights
      • Improved performance related to bubble columns, improving FPS during underwater exploration
  • General
    • Fixed several more issues where the player's skin would revert to a default one if the network connection changed
    • Skins equipped from the 'Recently used' section are now correctly applied when selected
    • Minecoin offers now display correct amount of coins given in offer
  • Gameplay
    • Floating blocks no longer turn grass to dirt at night
  • Mobs
    • V2 zombie villagers now have the correct name in death messages instead of a placeholder name
  • Commands
    • Command selectors are back to resolving in less that 0.5ms as opposed to 4+ms
    • `villager_v2` works in selectors again, and targets both villager and v2 villagers

Above, we published the full list of changes that we received on the official page of Mojang. If you have already familiarized yourself with all the changes that the Minecraft Bedrock developers prepared for you - then you can download Minecraft for android.

Do not forget that you can download not only the latest version of Minecraft from our website, but also add-ons to the game.

You can go to the add-ons section for Minecraft, where you can download add-ons that add new mobs to the game. You can also download texture packs that improve the graphics of Minecraft. Open the menu of our website, there will be more information!

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE with Xbox Live
Download Minecraft PE [84.67 Mb] (downloads: 14782)
MCPE 1.12.0 was released. Download and learn what's new in Minecraft 1.12.0 you can here!

27 June, 2019

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