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Minecraft PE

23 April, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
There is so much talk about the Caves and Cliffs update that all our website’s subscribers (and the rest of the players too) dream of finally having the chance to try it. Well, this day is getting nearer, and here is a hint that this will happen soon: the release of Minecraft PE
This is a beta and if you are an active player, you probably already know about the characteristics, but if you are new to the game, let us tell you a few things:
  1. While playing in a beta version, you cannot play in Realms and with people who use a full version
  2. When installed, the beta will replace your existing game builds, so the MCPE developers recommend making and keeping copies in case you will wasn’t to return to them later
  3. You won’t be able to access the builds created in this beta using earlier game versions, so it would make sense to save copies of them too
  4. The builds created in a beta may be a little unstable (compared to the ones created in full versions)

And now let’s leave all these rules and specifications aside and find out what new is there to explore:

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

In our opinion, the most important news is the fact that the MCPE developers started making the experimental features non-experimental, and this is a good thing because first of all, we won’t have to enable any toggles in order to enjoy them, and second, they get to be officially MCPE elements and even if they will present some issues, these will be fixed and they will continue to make our game interesting. For now, the experimental status was removed from two features: from the glow lichens and from the powder snow.
By installing the beta, you will also discover several new features:
  • Amethyst Geodesic Structures that can be found underground, usually lower than level y=70. Their external layers are made of smooth basalt (it can also be obtained by smelting normal basalt). The medium layers are made of calcite and the interior layers are made of different amethyst types. By exploring these geodes, you will also discover budding amethysts which are amazing because if they have water and air sources around, amethyst buds will grow on their sides. Initially, these buds are small, but at their final growing stage, they transform into real amethysts. Amethyst clusters can also grow on budding amethysts. When fully mature, the clusters drop amethyst shards when broken with silk touch or strong weapons. All the blocks found in the geodesic structures make sounds when interacted with.
    Minecraft PE

  • Tinted glass is a new type of glass. Its characteristics are that it is opaque, so light cannot pass through it, that it can be obtained without using silk touch, and that it does not crush as the ordinary glass does.
  • Spyglass is also a newly introduced item that you can use to look further. It can be crafted using one amethyst shard and copper ingots

  • Raw ores that can be obtained as drops from iron, gold, and copper ore blocks. The raw ores can be compressed into blocks in order to save space in the inventory.
  • Tuff is a new decorative block that can be obtained only using an axe

These are all the new features, but the ones that were also recently introduced were subject to some important changes too. Thus, you will discover that:
  • The spawning chance of axolotls was increased and they will not apply regeneration upon death anymore. You will also notice that you can gain experience by breeding axolotls
  • Cobwebs no longer hang in the air in mineshafts
  • Copper surfaces deoxidize in a more random manner when struck by lightning
  • Copper blocks deoxidize even when struck by lightning strike (even without a lightning rod)
  • Landing on dripstones no longer deals fall damage if fall damage is disabled in the game rules
  • Glow item frame emits a redstone signal when rotated
  • Fixed the position of the lightning rod when held
  • Added lush caves generation (finally!)
  • Added sounds when using bone meal
  • Added sounds of damage when burning, freezing, and drowning
  • Mobs transform now when lightning hits the lightning rod directly
  • Stalactites and stalagmites do not grow in fluids anymore

Dear friends, these are only the most important changes. We didn’t mention the minor ones, because we don’t want to take any more of your time knowing that you can’t wait to explore all the precious features brought by this release, but if you want to find out more information about it, you are welcome to watch the video trailer below the article.
Because the Mojang team develops so many interesting changes lately, we know that you don’t want to miss any news, so visit us regularly. This way you will always be up to date with the latest game versions and you can also discover lots of popular texture packs, mods, and other surprises. Have a good time!

Trailer of Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [120.9 Mb] (downloads: 225)

23 April, 2021
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