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Minecraft PE

28 May, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
A lot of things must be done until summer begins. Some people are busy buying hats and swimming clothes, others are already looking for vacation spots. Our website’s subscribers do all these things too, but they also have to follow the release of new game versions so they can be always up to date with the latest updates and bugfixes. Today we will present to you Minecraft PE which is another Caves and Cliffs beta.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

This time the developers carried out many bugfixes, but they mostly focused on the technical part of the game. We will try to enlist their most important actions:
  • Command /clearall was made to be more functional and now it is able to clear even the tests outside the loading areas
  • The error handling for json parsing was improved
  • New content errors for loot tables and item parsing were added
  • The animations of ender crystals and ender dragons were made to be entirely data-driven
  • The rendering of ender crystals and ender dragons was made to be entirely data-driven
  • The duration of the hotbar item tooltip was made to scale properly with the tooltip text length
  • In the settings menu, the developers added a new accessibility icon
  • The issue of adventure mode players being able to break powder snow blocks was resolved
  • The duration of skeletons transforming into strays was reduced and is of twenty seconds now
  • The issue of small dripleaves dropping incorrect items when broken was resolved
  • The issues of firework stars and rockets that are obtained from command /replaceitem not having correct color values and flight durations were resolved
  • The issue of bow, crossbow, and trident animations being in slow motion in certain cases was resolved
  • The issue of dropped items having different floating heights was resolved
  • The bug making certain projectiles cast shadows was fixed
  • The issue preventing MCPE users playing in split-screen mode from naming and renaming items on anvil was resolved
  • An issue preventing command /title clear from clearing titles from the HUD was resolved
  • Added a new Equip button to use in the Character Creator
  • The issue of the rooted dirt texture not being rotated randomly like the normal dirt is was resolved
  • The issue of loose blocks such as gravel breaking when falling on top of lightning rods was resolved
  • The issue of water deleting spore blossoms instead of making them pop off as an item was resolved
  • The issue preventing players from bonemealing azalea on clay was resolved
  • The issue of azalea/flowering azalea leaves giving an azalea plant variant when pick blocked was resolved
  • The axolotl's hitbox was reduced in order to match the creature’s size
  • The issue of axolotls returning water buckets instead of empty ones after being fed with tropical fish buckets was resolved
  • The issue of axolotls continuing to move their tails even when they fake their deaths was resolved
    Minecraft PE

  • The issue preventing drowned and guardins from attacking axolotls was resolved
  • The wrong position of deepslate, glow item frames, and copper ores in the inventory was corrected

This is all we had to tell you about the present beta. Please share the news about its release with other players and leave feedback.
To be always up to date with the newest game versions and with the best new maps, mods, and other game-related novelties, follow us and have a good time!

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Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [122.64 Mb] (downloads: 361)

28 May, 2021
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