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Minecraft PE

18 September, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE is the freshest game beta and it contains a very big number of fixes, interesting changes, technical updates, and more. This list of features looks especially large when compared to the one brought by the previous beta, that is Minecraft PE

Experimental features in Minecraft Bedrock

This time, the MCPE developers focused mainly on some experimental features, but also made a great job in relation to the rest of them, especially where they detected bugs. Let’s start with the experimental features. By installing this version, you may notice that:
  • There is a new biome in the mountains and it is called the Stony Peaks Biome. It looks a lot like other mountain sub-biomes, but instead of snow, it contains gravel.
    Minecraft PE

  • The vegetation in the Mountain Meadows is much greater now
  • You will be able to find dripstone clusters and other dripstone-related things only in the Dripstone biome now
  • The location of mountain biomes, river sizes, and terrains is the same as in the Java edition
  • There are infested stones under the newly-developed mountains
  • The ore distribution in mountains is the same as in the Java edition
  • The mobs spawning rate in caves and mountains is the same as in the Java edition
  • The trees from swamps are generating deeper when they are located in water
  • Deepslate and dripstone-related things generate deeper than before
  • The positions of small dripstones were modified
  • The maps load correctly (including the parts below y=0)
  • Vines can generate only underground
  • Villagers generate looking accordingly to their biome

And now, let us find out what the developers did in relation to the rest of the features, that is the non-experimental ones. So, you will discover that:
  • All the beehives generate with their front side facing south
  • The issue making stalactites become offset when falling was resolved
  • The “use” button works correctly when applied on candle cakes
  • Several issues affecting the Character Creator, including game crashing when using it, Steve skin color being incorrect, etc.
  • Items from the Education Edition appearing as options when using a command with @e with [type=…]
  • A bug causing players to be on fire after using a nether portal that has lava underneath it was fixed
  • Players won’t be able to eat anything if their hunger bar is full
  • Seagrass does not generate under lily pads anymore
  • Villagers do not spam doors open and closed anymore
  • Cartographers give maps more consistently now
  • You will find amethyst geodes less often in strongholds and they won’t destroy end portals anymore
  • A graphical issue allowing players to see the sky even in deep cave systems was fixed
  • The mob pathing around partial blocks was improved
  • The incorrect armor rendering for evokers, pillagers, villager zombies, and other such mobs was fixed
  • There will be more mobs spawning underground in the Overworld
  • A bug making powder snow disappear when looking at it from big distances was fixed
  • The issue of structure blocks not rotating trap doors as they should was resolved
  • Multiple problems affecting the user interface, including an obscure gamerule being added to the settings, direction keys not working on all the parts of the user interface, etc, were resolved.
  • Windows 10 ARM-based PCs have a new achievements screen in Minecraft Bedrock

In addition to all these changes and fixes, the MCPE developers also made a lot of improvements in regards to the GameTest Framework.
There is also a problem that could not be solved yet. This is the fact that bee nests generate too often, but the developers are aware of this and will do their best to fix the issues soon.
If the information from this article is not enough for you and you want to find out more details about the new beta, you are welcome to watch the video below.
Continue visiting our website regularly and we promise to keep you up to date with all the latest game versions and with the most popular maps, textures, and other Bedrock-related surprises. Have a good time!

Video of Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [135.93 Mb] (downloads: 128)

18 September, 2021
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