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Minecraft PE

22 October, 2021
Game Minecraft PE
Keeping our subscribers informed about all the new game versions released by the Mojang team is our website’s top priority. Today we will tell you about one of the two updates developed recently. This is Minecraft PE and it represents a full version full of nice surprises for all MCPE players.

Chagelog of Minecraft Bedrock

After installing this version, and we are sure that you will want to do this immediately after reading this article, you will discover that the game developers:
  • Continued to upgrade the world and cave generation in Minecraft Bedrock. You will notice this by upgrading your saved chunks that are below y=0 and by turning on the experimental gameplay toggle.
  • Developed a new biome generating in mountains. They called it the Stony peaks and by exploring it, you will discover that it contains mostly gravel and ordinary stones.
  • Continued to improve the Mountain Meadows vegetation
  • Updated the dripstone biome and decided that all dripstone features, including clusters, should generate only there and made several other tweaks affecting dripstones
  • Modified some placements of mountain features
  • Modified the cloud positions and placement
  • Introduced infested stones under the new mountains
  • Modified the sizes of the MCPE rivers
  • Modified the terrain shapes
  • Modified the ore distribution
  • Modified the biome placements
  • Modified the mobs spawning in mountain biomes
  • Modified the mobs spawning in cave biomes
  • Made trees from swamps grow deeper in the water
  • Made deepslate generate deeper
  • Modified the placement of copper ores
  • Continued to upgrade the flat worlds created in earlier game versions
  • Improved the maps, namely the colors used for the blocks located below y=0
  • Modified the way vines grow and their generation placement
  • Modified the villages so they match the biome they appear in by style
  • Modified the achievements screen for certain devices
  • Decided that amethyst geodes should generate less often in strongholds
  • Made a big number of technical updates

Besides all these interesting changes, the MCPE developers also fixed several problems, but you already know about most of them if you managed to read the articles about the beta versions released recently. This full version just gathered them all together so that the players can enjoy them all along with the new features by installing one single update.
Minecraft PE

If you have any friends who like to play Minecraft PE too, share this article with them so they can be up to date with all the news too. We would also appreciate it if you could leave feedback because we are really interested in finding out what you think about the carried-out changes.
By visiting us on a regular basis, you will also discover a lot of new maps, mods, textures, and other free game-related surprises. Have a good time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [133.52 Mb] (downloads: 152)

22 October, 2021
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