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Minecraft PE

23 February, 2022
Game Minecraft PE
Last week we informed our website’s guests and subscribers about the release of Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.12 and even if it was a stable full game version, some players complained about its too-short list of features. Well, this week we have a better and richer game update, but it is a beta. The game developers named it Minecraft Bedrock

Features in Minecraft Bedrock

Download and install this version and you will discover that the game developers made fixes that used to affect:
  • Minecraft Preview (players using Windows and iOs devices not being able to join each other in their worlds)
  • Graphics (texture name of carrots stage three)
    Minecraft PE

  • Marketplace (View More button, tags, download popup, skin pack skins, etc)
  • UI (touch control buttons, crafting menu’s search bar, etc)
  • Mobs (blazes, bees, magma cubes, spiders, baby zoglins and hoglins, skeletons, wolves, dragons, etc)
  • Other issues (crashes, wrong damage calculations, wrong armor reduction calculations, elytra, shield animations, technical bugs, etc)

Dear friends, as we already mentioned, this beta contains many bug fixes. If you want to find out more detailed information about all of them, we recommend you watch the video trailer (see below this article).
You may also notice that you won’t meet any sheep, chickens, cows, and pigs in cold taigas and that you can buy coins by using a new Coin Starters Bundle now. If besides being a player you are also a map maker or an addon creator, you will also discover many updates done in relation to the experimental features.
It is our duty to warn you that the builds created in beta versions are not as stable as those created in full versions, so make sure to make copies regularly. Another important thing you should know is that unfortunately, you won’t be able to join your friends in Realms while using the beta.
If you want to inform other MCPE users about this release, share the article with them. You are also welcome to leave feedback.
Visit us on a regular basis and in addition to being always up to date with the latest game versions, you will have the chance to download a lot of cool maps, mods, and other content for free. Have a good time!

Video of MCPE

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE [140.19 Mb] (downloads: 9)

23 February, 2022
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