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8 August, 2019
Game Minecraft PE
Update Minecraft Pocket Edition fixes most bugs found. During beta testing Minecraft Pocket Edition developers received a lot of complaints.

On this page below we have published a complete list of fixed bugs in Minecraft Bedrock You can download the Minecraft PE update for Andriod from the link below. Before you download the game Minecraft, we recommend that you watch the video review MCPE!

Below we have published the full list of changes in the update MCPE This list of changes applies not only to Android platform players, but also to players who have devices with support: Windows 10, Xbox One!

What was fixed in the gameplay of the game?

  • Armor, weapons, and tools are once again suggested in the recipe book
  • Mobs once again drop equipment as loot
  • Fixed an issue with breaking blocks when boarding a boat or holding a bow or crossbow
  • Mobs no longer drop fully repaired items as loot
  • End Gateway Portals will no longer generate on the main obsidian platform in the End
  • Arrows are no longer fired backwards when shooting at the ground
  • Leaves on trees no longer get cut off on chunk boundaries during terrain generation
  • Players can no longer push lit TNT entities

Fixes that relate to mobs in the game MCPE

  • Dolphins now follow players in boats
  • Fish and Dolphins with 'FollowFlock' goal state no longer stop moving in the water
  • Fixed fishing float texture
  • Fixed elytra left wing flipped model issue

Graphic changes in the game

  • Fixed arm movement animation when switching between items in first person view
  • Fixed player missing right arm issue in VR mode

User Interface Changes

  • Resized the highlighted area in the create world menu, which was slightly too big

And so, above you could read the full list of changes in the game Minecraft PE beta. If you have not done so, then go ahead. After you read the full list of changes in MCPE, you can proceed to download the update Minecraft for Android. The link to the apk file Minecraft Pocket Edition is on this page below.

Also you can download various add-ons for the game Minecraft PE for Android. Here are links to the most popular sections of our website: add-ons, maps, seeds, skins, textures, guides, as well as follow the news of Minecraft on this website.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE with Xbox Live
Download Minecraft PE [87.92 Mb] (downloads: 1581)

8 August, 2019

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IonutBaiatulLol12 August 2019, 08:00
It's been like 4 days, where is the apk?

Survial_admin12 August 2019, 20:25
apk file Minecraft has been published!
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