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Minecraft PE 1.12.1

3 September, 2019
Game Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE 1.12.1 for Android - this update introduces several changes to the game that will increase the stability of the game MCPE.

In the update Minecraft Bedrock 1.12.1, there were only 4 changes that you can read below.

As mentioned above, the developers of Minecraft Bedrock have worked on stability, as well as optimizing the game.

Minecraft PE 1.12.1

What are the changes in Minecraft PE 1.12.1?

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed players getting stuck on "Generating World" when loading into a world while located in The End
  • Fixed an issue that caused many players on Nintendo Switch not being able to sign in to their Microsoft Account
  • Multiple Ender Dragons can no longer spawn at once in The End

On this page you can download the game Minecraft 1.12.1 for android free. Below we have attached the apk file Minecraft 1.12.1.

If you need add-ons for Minecraft 1.12.1, then you can download them in the section: add-ons, maps, texture packs and skins.

Also on our resource you can follow the news of Minecraft, read useful guides and much more.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.12.1

Minecraft PE 1.12.1 with Xbox Live
Download Minecraft PE 1.12.1 [84.67 Mb] (downloads: 45573)

3 September, 2019

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