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Minecraft 1.2 & 1.2.10

23 October, 2019
Game Minecraft PE
On this page you will learn about the main features of Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2.10. Minecraft 1.2.10 has new species of animals and mobs that you will meet.

In the update MCPE 1.2.10, parrots, Armor Stand, and much more have been added. See the full list of innovations on this page below.

The main change in this update was the introduction of the XBOX LIVE system, which now does not work on the pirated version of Minecraft. But we have a solution to this problem. We have added Minecraft 1.2.10 with xbox live support to this page. Use our website and receive free game updates with support for Xbox Live.

Changelog of Minecraft 1.2.10 on Android

  • Gamepad cursor sensitivity can now be adjusted in Controller settings
  • Increased tick radius range, which can be adjusted when creating or editing a world

  • Enabling the Mute toggle will no longer suppress non-chat messages like players leaving and joining
  • Cartographer Villagers will now give maps for new Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions that are not in known generated chunks
  • Fixed the hunger bar not filling up in converted Xbox One worlds
  • Opening the chat screen with "/" no longer place the cursor before the slash
  • Changed the error message that appeared when attempting to purchase content and not having enough Minecoins
  • Players can no longer accidentally purchase marketplace content from the patch notes screen by repeatedly mashing the A button

  • Worlds
    • Lumen: Power Challenge (Blockworks)
    • Hellstone Keep (Blockworks)
    • Stranded (Norvale)
    • Desert of Secrets (Toya)
    • Frostfall (Gamemode One)
    • Ultimate Minigame Rush (Pathway Studios)
    • Sands of Daara (Pathway Studios)
    • Fungus & Fun Survival Spawn (Razzleberries)
    • Rising Sun (Shapescape)

  • Texture Packs
    • Tiny Footprints (Noxcrew)


Download Minecraft 1.2.10 on Android

Download Minecraft PE 1.2.10 [59.62 Mb] (downloads: 6229)

23 October, 2019

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Minecraft PE Xbox one and only you can do it

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