PlainPixels Texture Pack

30 April, 2019
Minecraft PE Textures
We recommend that you download PlainPixels textures for the mobile version of the game Minecraft. PlainPixels is a visually simplified texture of the world of Minecraft PE. The peculiarity of these textures is in several main points.

PlainPixels texture has a resolution of 16x16 pixels, which is equal to the pixel resolution of default textures Minecraft. But using these textures you will drastically change the look of the Minecraft world.

In addition to these textures are shaders that will make the world of Minecraft PE more unique. There are several versions of the PlainPixels texture.
  • PlainPixels textures with shaders.
  • PlainPixels textures without shaders.

You can see the screenshots using the texture data below and choose the version of textures that suits you.

Texture pack PlainPixels with SimpleShader/SS10 Shader:

PlainPixels Texture Pack

Texture PlainPixels with Enhanced Vanilla Shader:

Texture PlainPixels without Shader:

Download PlainPixels Texture Pack

PlainPixels 1.12 with SimpleShader (Android/iOS)
PlainPixels Texture Pack (.mcpack) [7.87 Mb] (downloads: 12)

PlainPixels 1.12 with Enhanced Vanilla Shader (Android/iOS/Windows 10)
PlainPixels Texture Pack (.mcpack) [7.89 Mb] (downloads: 23)

PlainPixels 1.12 (No Shader)
PlainPixels Texture Pack (.mcpack) [7.81 Mb] (downloads: 5)

30 April, 2019
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