Texture Pack Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Kit 1.13

16 April, 2020
Minecraft PE Textures
Are there any gourmands among our website subscribers? We are sure there are. If you care about what you are eating and how this food is cooked, Texture Pack Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Kit is definitely a must-have for you.

Features of Textures Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Kit

This texture pack will modify the appearance of some items in your Minecraft PE world, making them look like the cooking inventory of the worldwide known chef Gordon Ramsay.
All the raw food items will transform into frozen foods and the cooked ones will be transformed into delicious and good-looking Gordon Ramsay’s dishes.

Moreover, the vanilla swords will turn into different-sized kitchen knives and even the chest plate will be replaced by an immaculate cooking apron.

You will also get a special chef's uniform. The uniform will replace your player’s diamond armor.

And the cherry on top of the cake is Chef Mike which will help you transform any food into an art piece.

Are you ready to start cooking with Gordon Ramsay? Click on the download button below, share the pack with your friends and leave feedback.
For other new textures, maps, and mods, visit us. Here you will also have the chance to download the latest game versions for free. Have fun!
Texture Pack Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Kit

Texture Pack Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Kit [353.94 Kb] (downloads: 19)

16 April, 2020
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