Texture Pack Sylum Shader 1.14

4 June, 2020
Minecraft PE Textures
Texture Pack Sylum Shader was developed to improve your MCPE world in general by slightly modifying the appearance of some aspects, but the creator focused more on the lighting quality, making everything look brighter and more vibrant.

Features of Textures Sylum Shader

This is an amazing shader. It makes everything in Minecraft PE look spectacular and very realistic. You can take just one look at the pictures below and to watch the video trailer to understand what this is all about, but we will still enlist just some of the aspects it affects with its beauty:
  • Moving leaves
  • Dynamic shadows
  • Dynamic torches
  • Stunning sun
  • Beautiful moon
  • Realistic clouds and stars
  • Fascinating fog

If you want to apply this shader to your MCPE world, make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.14 or any other later game version and click on the download button below the video trailer.
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Video Trailer of Texture Pack Sylum Shader

Texture Pack Sylum Shader

Texture Pack Sylum Shader [1.39 Mb] (downloads: 239)

4 June, 2020
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