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Texture Pack Shaderless Shader 1.16

25 March, 2021
Minecraft PE Textures
Our website’s subscribers and guests have the chance to explore dozens of nice texture packs, but some of them are not suitable for all the devices supporting Minecraft Bedrock, and others are too big in size, this preventing some players from enjoying them. Texture Pack Shaderless Shader which contains a lot of amazing features can be installed on absolutely any device and it is only 5MB in size, so there is no reason why you can’t try it.

How does Texture Pack Shaderless Shader work

Like we already mentioned, regardless of the device you are using and how much memory you have got, you can enjoy this pack. The only requirement is to have installed a fresh game version, for example Minecraft PE 1.16.
After installing it just like any other texture pack, it will improve almost everything there is to improve in your gaming world. Among the multitude of modified elements, you will notice:
  • Leaves and plants moving in the wind
  • Better water coloring. By the way, the color will change depending on the water’s depth and on the nearby blocks
    Texture Pack Shaderless Shader 1.16

  • Clearer stained glass (we bet you haven’t seen such clear glass in MCPE before)

  • Clear ocean waters so the player can admire all the underwater beauty

  • Warmer light for the cave and nighttime environment

  • Varying transparency of skies, this making them and the clouds more vibrant and interesting to admire

  • New custom weather particles

  • Blue fog set at a +32 render distance

If you are ready to make your world look more beautiful with this pack, feel free to click on the download button below.
Visit us to explore more MCPE-related articles, each of them containing free download buttons, and share your favorite ones with your friends. Have a good time!
Texture Pack Shaderless Shader

Texture Pack Shaderless Shader [5.27 Mb] (downloads: 117)

25 March, 2021
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