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Texture Pack Atlantism 1.16.101

28 March, 2021
Minecraft PE Textures
Our website provides a lot of MCPE minigames (check the Maps section). If you like playing such games, we recommend you try Texture Pack Atlantism because it improves the player’s swords and other useful elements, If you don’t, you will like it anyway because it also modifies the textures of the skies, the existing ores, and many other aspects.

Features of Textures Atlantism

This nice 16x pack was developed with much care by its creator. He focused on improving the following elements:
  • The armors
    Texture Pack Atlantism 1.16.101

  • The weapons, including the swords. Now the player may decide either he/she wants to use short or long swords, switching between sizes being as easy as it can be.

  • The tools

  • The foods

  • The ores

  • Many Vanilla blocks

  • The sky and all its celestial bodies

As a bonus, the texture pack’s creator also introduced many additional crit particles, making the gaming experience more interesting.

Now that you know how this pack can improve your Bedrock world, it is time to try it. To do this, click on the free download button below this article.
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Video Trailer of Texture Pack Atlantism

Texture Pack Atlantism

Texture Pack Atlantism [35.7 Mb] (downloads: 74)

28 March, 2021
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