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Texture Pack Utility HUD 1.16

13 May, 2021
Minecraft PE Textures
In a regular MCPE game, when looking at another player, it is difficult to learn about him/her except the visual features, for example, his/her clothing and nickname. Texture Pack Utility HUD was developed to complement the information about the players, even they are at a great distance from you. The pack includes data on the player’s type of armor, health, speed, time spend on eating food, chunk borders, and much more. As an addition to all this, there are thirteen configuration options for you to choose from.

Features of Textures Utility HUD

To improve the customizability, the pack’s creator introduced thirteen sub packs as we have mentioned above. In case you are using a game version that was released earlier than Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.40, do not choose sub packs with enabled chunk borders because they won’t work.
Texture Pack Utility HUD 1.16

As you can see from the picture below, the player’s velocity is shown in the upper right corner. It shows how fast your player travels in the HUD and how many blocks you fall per second (vertical velocity)

The pack also adds the possibility to find out how many percent of the food you have already eaten.

The player’s equipment elements are shown in the HUD and above his/her head. You will be also able to see which of the armors are enchanted and which are not.

Chunk Borders. Place any item other than a shield in the offhand slot to start seeing the chunk borders. This option will be useful in a variety of situations.

The right of your Hotbar will show what item is equipped in your offhand

The bow charge indicator can be seen above the player’s head when looking from a third person.

The number of available health hearts will be shown above the player’s head too. It works up to 99 units.

You will be also able to see the mobs’ and player’s hitboxes and their sizes

All the information about the players will be zoomed so you can see it even from a big distance.

If you consider that all the above-described features can be helpful in your gameplay, click on the download button below to try this texture pack.
For more texture packs, visit our website. Here you will also find the latest game versions and many other cool MCPE-related articles with free download buttons. Be generous and share your favorite ones with your friends and have a good time!

Video Trailer of Texture Pack Utility HUD

Texture Pack Utility HUD

Texture Pack Utility HUD [111.24 Kb] (downloads: 1025)

13 May, 2021

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